OpenStack has become a red-hot topic for Moogsoft customers. Over the past months, I’ve met with IT managers across 32 enterprise organizations, and roughly half of them have either deployed or plan to deploy OpenStack clouds in production this year. OpenStack has legs, and for this reason, we’re hosting an important new webinar this June 3rd that you simply can’t miss.

OpenStack-enabled clouds promise lower cost and freedom from vendor lock-in. But they can also add significant, additional complexity when something goes wrong. OpenStack is an amalgamation of many open source projects – all of these components need to work together flawlessly in unison – making it difficult to quickly isolate which component is at fault when an operational incident occurs. Yes, there are many open source tools to help monitor the status of each of these components, but where do you start troubleshooting when a sea of alerts and alarms are generated? Finally, OpenStack is yet another layer of abstraction added to the overall IT environment, further obfuscating the visibility down through the “IT stack” when, e.g. application doesn’t load. So how can you accelerate the time to detect and resolve the root cause of a problem in an OpenStack enabled environment?

The Moogsoft sponsored webinar:

Monitoring Across OpenStack Clouds: How Ops and DevOps are Automating Incident Management in OpenStack-enabled Environment

will cover these specific challenges further, and review the approaches to monitoring for incident detection and resolution. It will then detail several real-world incident scenarios, and compare the MTTD and MTTR for each approach. Finally, it will outline the best practices for maintaining high application service quality in an OpenStack enabled environment.

Whether your operational responsibility includes OpenStack at an enterprise, managed service provider (MSP), or telco, the real-world knowledge for supporting OpenStack to be shared in this webinar will definitely be applicable to you.

Here are the webinar logistics below:

Date: 3 June 2015

Time: 9am San Francisco/ 12pm New York / 5pm London

Speaker: Richard Whitehead, Evangelist in Chief, Moogsoft

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