On Wednesday, October 12th, 2016, industry experts and Moogsoft executives Richard Whitehead and Robert Harper presented a live webinar to explain and demonstrate Moogsoft’s innovative approach to Root Cause Analysis, called Probable Root Cause.

We now have the Webinar recording archived and available on our site.

About the the AIOps & Probable Root Cause Webinar

With a seasoned background in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) through influential roles in organizations like Micromuse, EMC (Smarts), and Splunk, Moogsoft Chief Evangelist Richard Whitehead begins the webinar by talking through the history of root cause analysis. Richard explains the traditional techniques to RCA, how they evolved over the years, and why they are fundamentally flawed in today’s dynamic IT infrastructures. A more modern and effective approach can be now be accessed through use the of AIOps, Gartner’s new category for platforms that apply machine learning to analyze large IT operational data feeds..

Moogsoft, a leading AIOps vendor, has introduced Probable Root Cause — the first technique that can understand causality in unpredictable IT environments with a significant degree of certainty, and without reliance on a model. This is accomplished through the use of patented supervised machine learning techniques that leverage user-supplied feedback.

In the second portion of this webinar, Moogsoft Chief Scientist Robert Harper explains the theory behind Probable Root Cause, and walks you through the functionality in a live demo!

To view the webinar recording and download the accompanying slide deck, click here.

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