How is DevOps accelerating cloud adoption? What are best practices for developing cloud-aware applications?

These are two of many topics I’ll be exploring during presentations, panel discussions and working sessions at Forecast 2014 in San Francisco, sponsored by the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA).

The ODCA is led by tech-savvy executives who put in lots of unpaid hours to develop a unified vision for cloud requirements. At Forecast 2014, this brain trust will gather to paint that vision both in broad goals and nitty-gritty guidelines for developing cloud-aware applications, managing cloud networks and more.

DevOps and Cloud Adoption

The intersection of cloud adoption and DevOps is synergistic and exciting. Cloud promises scalability and agility from the infrastructure perspective – DevOps focuses on continuous delivery, agile response to business demands and a holistic view of the entire lifecycle of software delivery.

Moogsoft’s technology fits squarely in the middle of this vortex, acting as a facilitator of both cloud adoption and DevOps. Our customers are pushing the envelope and seeing how Incident.MOOG can add agility in the management layer – ensuring the ability to respond rapidly to changes in dynamic, virtualized infrastructure and providing immediate visibility to service disruptions without programming rules or models to do so.

Developing Cloud-Aware Applications

Designing applications specifically for cloud enables IT agility, scaling and other benefits. When instrumentation for the cloud is baked into the application at the start, instead of after the fact, manageability and resiliency are greatly improved.

Moogsoft is at the forefront of helping organizations accomplish this. Through machine learning and social collaboration, we are giving DevOps teams more visibility into cross-domain behavior early in the software lifecycle, helping them better manage their applications for faster testing, deployment and rollout.

A Glimpse into the Future

There is much work yet to be done to help ensure the availability of applications and infrastructure in a virtualized world. Find out what the ODCA is doing – if you can’t attend the conference, visit the ODCA website and see what we’re up to.

Then contact us at and find out more about how Moogsoft’s technology has been designed for this New World of cloud and DevOps. You’ll catch a very exciting glimpse of what lies ahead!