Today, Dynatrace offers a comprehensive collection of solutions to help IT operations teams maintain high quality applications and services. These tools include Dynatrace Application Monitoring for modern applications like Java or .NET, Data Center RUM which leverages the network to understand more traditional applications and Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring which helps customers understand the availability of their services.




IT Operations teams are using a variety of Dynatrace tools, often in combination with other vendor tools, to effectively monitor and manage their IT infrastructures. The challenge is, however, how can you leverage all these powerful tools as a cohesive unit?

Each of these tools serves a specific purpose, but let’s say a network device goes down. Everything connected to that network device will be affected and you will have multiple tools firing off events and alerts simultaneously. How are you supposed to know which tool to use first? How are you supposed to identify the root cause vs. the symptoms? How are you supposed to get the right information to the right people without duplicating any effort?

Several leading organizations have chosen to use Moogsoft to correlate alerts from across their Dynatrace toolsets, along with other monitoring tools, and gain full situational awareness of their applications, network and infrastructure.

Alert Correlation Across All Domains

By leveraging cutting edge machine-learning algorithms, Moogsoft is able to perform correlation of events, errors, faults, exceptions, and alerts from across your production stack and automatically identify true anomalies and complex relationships from within massive datasets. Moogsoft clusters alerts based on inferred relationships so that operations teams can view incidents as they unfold in real-time.




This enables a transformational shift in your organization, from reactive to proactive incident management, ultimately allowing you to avoid customer impact from IT incidents. By looking at related alerts from separate Dynatrace tools within context of each other, you can now see the complete picture and easily determine where the root cause lies.

Moogsoft Visualization

Contextual Drill-Down from Moogsoft to Dynatrace Tools

When a Situation (cluster of anomalous + related alerts) begins to form, Moogsoft automatically creates a Situation Room (collaborative virtual ‘war room’) and invites all appropriate stakeholders to join. Within the Situation Room, all participants gain consistent access to full Situation context. This includes all alerts clustered in the Situation, a discussion thread, a Situation Timeline, Knowledge base of similar Situations from the past, and much more.

Furthermore, users have the ability to drill into their Dynatrace tools (and other third party tools) while maintaining Situation context (e.g. time and hostname). Moogsoft provides a full production workbench to run all of your tools in the context of a Situation, automating the drill-down and troubleshooting process for the user. This saves a huge amount of time and helps to accelerate the remediation and resolution process.


Moogsoft + Dynatrace



This blog post originally appeared on the Dynatrace blog.


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