Large organizations across industries have traditionally relied upon legacy event management systems, like IBM Netcool, but are now finding that the tools can’t keep up with the pace of the scale and change of their IT service delivery models. Transitioning to a modern system can raise concern because of the sticky nature of legacy systems, so it’s important to hear the stories from industry leaders who have been through the transition themselves.

In this EMA Impact Brief, Dennis Drogseth (EMA Founder) speaks with the Director of IT Operations & Analytics for a large, U.S.-based Communications Services Provider. In the Q&A style conversation, they discuss why this CSP decided to transition away from Netcool, why they chose Moogsoft, how the Incident.MOOG deployment went, and the value that they are currently experiencing from this transition.

Why a Migration to Moogsoft?

“Incident.MOOG stood out. There really wasn’t any other solution that I could find taking this approach as effectively and successfully.”
– Director of IT Operations & Analytics for a Large, U.S. – based Communications Services Provider

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Modernizing IT Operations Management in Communications Services with Incident.MOOG

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