In my webinar “Managing Large, Complex IT Operations Projects,” Con Blackett and I shares some of our experiences with Netcool and SMARTS. At Micromuse, I spent quite a bit of time on the road working with Netcool customers. Later on, I ran product strategy at EMC, turning around their SMARTS offering.

During that time, I gained a good sense of the effort involved in orchestrating a large service assurance initiative with each of these products. But it’s still not quite like being in the trenches, trying to tie divergent teams together. Next week, I’ll be presenting a webinar along with Con Blackett – a highly respected technical innovator who labored in the trenches with both of these tools in a large IT Operations project.

Con and I will be speaking about more than just Netcool and SMARTS. We’ll explore what it takes to make an IT Operations project successful – how it worked then, and what works today. At the heart of it, we’ll be talking about teamwork – how to assemble the right team to do the job quickly.

When outages occur in today’s complex environments, it’s often that case that expensive tiger teams are assembled to fight a raging fire before the true cause is known. That’s costly and ineffective.

Incident.MOOG offers a brand new approach:

  • Cluster related alerts into Situations that identify cause and services impacted
  • Create a virtual war room (Situation Room) for each Situation, sharing a common view across diverse silos
  • Choose the right team for each Situation instantaneously, based on the content of the alert cluster
  • Ensure knowledge articles and histories of similar Situations are just a click away for everyone in the Situation Room

If this sounds interesting to you, I know you’ll benefit from listening to our webinar. Con and I answer your questions at the end; the full Q&A sessions ran way over time, so we transcribed them HERE.


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