If you haven’t already noticed, IT Ops and DevOps teams are starting to focus more attention on data-driven tools, especially as businesses become more data intensive.

This new generation of data-driven tools are transforming heaps of data being generated by the IT environment into actionable operational intelligence. Helping to find and resolve service failures while ensuring continuous availability across all systems has become a major benefit of utilizing data-based solutions.

IT teams can now actually pinpoint and resolve service failures before customers and employees are even affected. Data-driven tools offered by Splunk and Moogsoft allow IT teams to detect problems in real-time as they unfold. Splunk’s industry-leading log analysis tools help IT Ops and DevOps teams extract intelligence from historical operational data in system logs. Splunk’s solutions are powerful because they provide a complete “visibility UI” on top of any log file, making it fast and easy to go deep into understanding what has happened in the past.

Moogsoft also offers a great complementary solution to the operational visibility dilemma. Moogsoft’s Incident.MOOG is a collaborative situation management tool that processes operational data in real-time across IT domain silos. Consider Moogsoft as the “first responder” to service-affecting incidents, using machine learning to identify failures as they develop, then pulling together cross silo experts to collaborate on how to resolve the problem. Many of these cross silo experts then use the tools offered by Splunk to further explore logs, helping resolve the failure after Moogsoft first detects the cause of the problem.

Customers combining the Splunk and Moogsoft approach are gaining an advantage within this new era of IT being driven by cloud, mobile, and software-defined infrastructures. These advanced IT teams have also recognized that these new technologies all require constant communication between Ops, DevOps, and Dev teams, meaning a new generation of operational analytics tools must be deployed in order to increase efficiencies between domain silos.


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