One thing I learned to believe in when I worked at EMC managing the SMARTS product line, was that it’s getting cloudy, and those clouds, both public and private (and hybrid) are huge…

Of course, that’s old hat to you network management folks – you invented the cloud. Quite literally in some cases, with early packet switched networks being depicted as little fluffy cloud icons on topology diagrams.

  • The cloud has grown, with just about every layer of the IT solutions stack being capable of being delivered as a service, from virtualized servers all the way through the various XaaS layers.

The options are mind-boggling. My favorites include virtual computing environments (typified by Vblock® and VCE®) elastic compute, and anything that involves a virtual network switch running on a virtual server!

Of course, like the invisible X.25 network, virtualization serves to distance people from the underlying technology. * I found folks could actually forgot that virtual servers in fact ran on real servers, hardware, that you could really stub your toe on * Consequently attempts to model the environment are always time consuming, and frequently futile

But the systems must be managed, so vendors instrument the hardware (real and virtual) and all the management software, creating a very real stream of events into the workflow. Maintaining rules and models in this type of environment is a huge, if not impossible task for products like IBM Tivoli Netcool and BMC Event Manager which were invented before modern virtualization took hold.

Of course, if you’re using Incident.MOOG, you’re not relying on models.

Incident.MOOG’s algorithms, which work well with incomplete data, and unanticipated situations, are virtually doing all the work for you…

This is one of many challenges that Incident.MOOG solves today.

If you want to learn more, check out the Free Trial on our website. Also, my colleague Stephen Hart, CTO International at Moogsoft will be addressing the topic of new approaches change and configuration management in an upcoming BCS event in London (see our Events page to register!)


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