I recently got to see the Mappa Mundi (at Hereford Cathedral), a 13th century English map informatively illustrated with phantasmagorical creatures such as dragons, centaurs and even a mandrake. It’s incredible to imagine that such things were accepted as plain fact back then. Similarly, in our corner of the known universe—enterprise operations management—time also changes perception.

As an equipment vendor in the mid 1980s, I remember implementing SNMP traps, and feeling guilty about it. You see, even the standard (RFC1215) stated emphatically that traps were STRONGLY discouraged, they were a temporary expedient, a dirty hack to tide us over until proper management could be implemented.

Oh the irony…

Incredibly, many IT operations environments are being managed using toolsets architected for those very same 80s technologies, a little like an anthropologist using the Mappa Mundi as a reference.

So that got me thinking, what fundamental things have changed in the second decade of this century, which should make us think differently about management?

You have 21st century infrastructure. Are you still using 20th century management systems?

I recently presented a webinar describing Incident.MOOG 21st century approach.


Many of those who attended said they were very interested in learning more. Feel free to send an email to info@moogsoft.com if you would like more details.


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