Intelligent monitoring combined with intelligent runbook scripting could be the basis for reaching the equivalent of IT operational nirvana. Both of these elements put together can be used to achieve a state of automated self-management, or “closed loop automation” – the melding of the “meters” with the “knob controls.”

While closed loop automation is a great vision, this concept is historically quite difficult to implement in the real-world. It requires a plethora of robust APIs. It requires truly intelligent monitoring. And it requires a runbook automation tool that is both easy to use and advanced. All of these elements haven’t been available until recently. As we enter this new era of IT and software – an era driven by the continued convergence around web, cloud, and other “open” tools – the era of closed loop automation is upon us, particularly for those employing DevOps practices in web environments.

Web services provide the robust APIs. Moogsoft provides the intelligent monitoring with its algorithmically-driven Incident.MOOG solution. And StackStorm is a standout for runbook automation, very well suited for DevOps shops.

At Moogosft, we are very excited about our budding partnering with StackStorm, considering the value our customers see in implementing closed loop automation within complex IT application and infrastructure services environments. A combined Moogsoft-StackStorm solution insures robustness on the melding of the meters and knobs, as well as a collaborative management environment that elegantly allows for human decision making to be a part of the process – a hybrid approach to closed loop automation that is helping to further drive the productivity and velocity in DevOps today.

To learn more about closed loop automation and what Moogsoft and StackStorm can deliver, view a recording of our online Meetup with StackStorm. Moogsoft Chief Evangelist Richard Whitehead and StackStorm DevOps Stormer Patrick Hoolboom explain how closed loop automation can be applied in real-world practicality, including a demonstration of use case examples.


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