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“Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”

Though I’m not a fan of recycling quotes and borrowing the wisdom of great thinkers, this one recently came to mind. When you have a disruptive message to deliver, quite often the first response of skeptics is to dismiss the idea as foolish, or unimportant.

We have encountered a bit of this at Moogsoft. Our decision to pioneer the use of data science in operational software has caused a variety of defensive reactions. In a recent social media spat, we were accused of not doing anything new, and, a few Wikipedia snippets were thrown at us by way of ‘proof’. The truth is that our commitment is more about helping customers than winning any intellectual debate about data science. What we’ve found, in the real world, is that a number of Machine Learning techniques significantly shorten the time to detect and resolve problems, avoiding lost business for our customers. Ultimately, our software’s value is usually best assessed by trying it, which is why we’re proud of the fact that our approach is being used daily by our customers across a wide variety of business segments.

For this reason, I am extremely excited to see users flocking to our website and trying a free version of Incident.MOOG, as a SaaS instance, to evaluate how we can help their business. We’re keen at Moogsoft to make the promise of our platform – data science driven and socially enabled – as clear to as many as we can.

Whilst we’re on the subject of recycling quotes, Einstein once said, “Information is not knowledge.” It’s nice to know that he foresaw the data science revolution that we are experiencing today, more than 60 years after his death.

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Phil Tee (CEO and Co-Founder)


How can automated analytics improve IT operational management? What is machine learning in the context of monitoring tools, and how can it help to make sense out of the ever increasing tsunami of event data that application and IT support teams have to deal with?

Want to learn more? Register below for our live webcast, “How to Reduce Production Incidents and Outages with Machine Learning.” Join Moogsoft and on February 11 at 9:00 PST | 12:00 EST | 17:00 GMT for a tutorial on how IT Ops and DevOps teams can use machine learning technologies to improve quality and productivity.


Attend this webcast to:

  • Learn what machine learning is in the content of IT operational management (ITOM) and analytics (ITOA)
  • Find out why different approaches are needed depending on your IT environment
  • See where machine learning is being used in the real-world to reduce impact of production incidents
  • Understand how to prioritize machine learning implementation for your 2016 IT transformation plans

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Catch the Moog crew at these upcoming industry events (get your product questions answered and snatch some cool cow swag too):

Cisco Live 2016Berlin, Germany, February 15-19: Cisco’s premier education and training event for IT professionals across EMEA.

Elastic{ON}16San Francisco, USA, February 17-19: The Elasticsearch User Conference.

Mobile World Congress 2016Barcelona, Spain, February 22-25: The world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, hosted by GSMA.


Moogsoft/Solarwinds Integration. Find out how Moogsoft integrates with Solarwinds’ products to provide IT Ops teams with full situational awareness across their applications, networks and infrastructure. See how leading enterprises and managed service providers use Moogsoft with Solarwinds to gain early warning visibility across the entire production stack.

Machine Learning Q&A. What is machine learning’s role in the context of IT operational analytics? How is the technology evolving? Why should IT leaders care? Find out answers to these questions and more in our recent Q&A blog post with technology expert and Moogsoft CEO, Phil Tee.


Gartner Report: Modernize ECA with IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools. A new Gartner report this month summarizes: “Legacy manager of manager (MoM) and event correlation and analysis (ECA) tools [such as IBM Netcool, CA Spectrum, BMC EM, EMC Smarts], offer bloated features and require constant tweaking of rules, increasing total cost of ownership (TCO). A new generation of tools [such as recommended vendor, Moogsoft], offers dynamic interpretation of event streams relying on IT operations analytics-type capabilities, and is taking over the legacy ECA tool market.” You can download the full report here. [This report is downloadable for Gartner registered users.]

2016 ITOA Predictions. What’s in store for ITOA in 2016? Moogsoft’s CMO, Rob Markovich, explains the importance of machine learning being applied to ITOA tools to incorporate mid-level intelligence tasks and pave the way for automation. Find out what industry experts are predicting for ITOA in ITOA Landscape’s 2016 predictions.

Machine Learning Driving DevOps Evolution. It’s becoming well-known that automation is necessary for the future of DevOps. Machine learning and AI are being applied more than ever before to automate mundane tasks for DevOps teams. Moogsoft’s VP of Product Marketing, Steve Burton, explains how machines can do legwork to monitor application complexity, as humans can no longer cope with the data volumes. Read more about how machine learning and AI are driving the DevOps evolution in this recent article featured on


Incident.MOOG 5.1 is now available. Major new capabilities include:

  • A – High Availability feature set for on premise deployments.
  • B – Support for distributed installation/upgrade.

Contact us for more details on these important enhancements.