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In a Galaxy far far away (actually 5 Gironde Road in Fulham) Netcool was invented. In fact, back then, before the invention of “The Spice Girls” and the Internet (at least as we know it), being able to de duplicate events out of the box and deploy OSS software like a regular application was big news and pretty ground shaking. We didn’t call it Netcool either, OMNIbus was its original name and the Netcool addition only came when we discovered we had a surplus of Netcool branded tape boxes!

What we could never have anticipated is that the product would become quite as widespread as it became. We at Moogsoft run into Netcool pretty regularly when working with leading enterprises and service providers who struggle to adapt to more modern, virtualized infrastructures that Netcool was never designed for. Of course an easy answer is to simply replace it, and many of our customers have, but for some the weight of investment is too heavy.

That is why we have announced a simple out of the box Solution Pak for Netcool to allow our two products to coexist. This way, in a painless way you get the best of the old and the best of the new.

May the force (of Moog) be with you!


— Phil Tee (CEO and Co-Founder)


Latest News

Our latest software release, The Netcool Solution-Pak, provides IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus users with an easy-access solution to detect and correlate anomalies from existing event streams in real-time. Read the press release to find out how Incident.MOOG rapidly integrates with Tivoli Netcool deployments, enabling IT operations teams to achieve a collaborative user experience, event visualizations and situation detections analytics.



Product Updates

Incident.MOOG 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 are now available. Major new capabilities include:

  • A Super User can now control (start/stop/restart) moogfarmd and LAM services via the System Administration (Self Monitoring) pages in the UI;
  • Situation Room thread entries and comments now support clickable links;
  • Incident.MOOG now ships with a REST Client LAM.


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Best Practices

IBM Tivoli Netcool is not so cool anymore.

At Moogsoft, we have a great fondness for Netcool. After all, Phil Tee and Mike Silvey are the original founding inventors and go-to-market team for Micromuse. However, Netcool is not so cool anymore. This technology is outdated, designed for an era when single faults caused impact and networks were not tolerant of service failures.

Find out why IBM Tivoli Netcool has been “driven to irrelevance,” in part one of our recent three-part blog series.

Next, check out part two of our series to find out how Moogsoft’s Netcool Solution-Pak integrates with existing IBM Tivoli Netcool environments to detect and correlate anomalies from event streams in real-time.

Decide if it is best for you to stack Netcool and Moogsoft or to migrate away from your legacy IT system in general after reading part 3: An Alternative to IBM Tivoli Netcool: Or How to Migrate from Your Legacy IT System.


Upcoming Events: Where You Can Find Us

The Moogsoft crew will be heading to London, Germany, Texas, California and Nevada in April and May to demonstrate how Incident.MOOG is used across a variety of production environments. Catch us if you can at these upcoming events:

DevOps Days London 16 – London, UK: April 19-20: An event dedicated to the rise of DevOps in the Enterprise, with specific reference to the financial services industry.

OpenStack Summit – Austin, TX, USA: April 25-28: OpenStack’s annual user conference where IT leaders from across the globe gather to learn about OpenStack contributors building the future of cloud computing.

Knowledge16 – Las Vegas, NV: May 16-18: ServiceNow’s largest service management event where IT leaders gather to discuss transforming the enterprise by managing everything as a service.

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Industry Analysis

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