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Validating Production Deployments with Moogsoft AIOps & Jenkins

One of the core practices of DevOps is continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD). CI/CD, in today’s context, refers to the ongoing process of committing new code to a central repository, testing that code to make sure it doesn’t break, and deploying that code into production. In theory, this allows businesses to quickly develop […]

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Five Service Desk KPIs You Should Care About

Every IT organization tends to measure success somewhat differently. However, I’ve found that those with the the best grasp over their service quality really focus on the service desk performance.

The IT service desk is the single point of contact between end users and a business service. As much as the service desk can be the […]

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Automation Nirvana for DevOps is a Matter of Meters and Knobs

Intelligent monitoring combined with intelligent runbook scripting could be the basis for reaching the equivalent of IT operational nirvana. Both of these elements put together can be used to achieve a state of automated self-management, or “closed loop automation” – the melding of the “meters” with the “knob controls.”

While closed loop automation is a great […]

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