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Is CMDB Relevant in the 21st Century?

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Brownfield and Greenfield IT Ops: How Should You Manage Your Crop?

With autumn’s arrival, farmers are nearing the end of their harvest and planning for next year is well underway. Similarly for enterprise IT leaders, autumn is also the season to plan for the coming year. One of the critical strategic planning questions for 2016 is how to mange the introduction of greenfield ops with brownfield […]

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Real-Time Event Correlation and Anomaly Detection for Amazon Web Services

Due to demand from our customers, Moogsoft now has out-of-the-box integration with Amazon CloudWatch. This allows customers to ingest, correlate and analyze events in real-time across all of their AWS resources, applications and existing monitoring tools like New Relic.

With real-time machine learning capabilities, Moogsoft delivers complete situational awareness for IT Operations teams, allowing them to detect […]

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MSPs Will Lead with Situation Management in the New Era of Cloud

HCL Technologies, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with a market leading global footprint in IT services outsourcing, recently selected Moogsoft’s Incident.MOOG. Migrating away from a legacy event manager, HCL plans to modernize their service assurance offerings to large enterprises as they transition to new, highly-dynamic, and software-enabled IT environments. HCL recognizes that it now needs […]

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Which Approach to Monitoring Your OpenStack Environment is Best?

OpenStack has become a red-hot topic for Moogsoft customers. Over the past months, I’ve met with IT managers across 32 enterprise organizations, and roughly half of them have either deployed or plan to deploy OpenStack clouds in production this year. OpenStack has legs, and for this reason, we’re hosting an important new webinar this June […]

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Will Your MoM Fly With The Move to Enterprise Cloud?

There are two types of operating ratings that define suitable conditions for a pilot to fly an airplane. The basic level is VFR, which in essence limits pilots to fly in cloud-free environments. Then there is IFR, requiring a much greater level of functional knowledge and skills so that a pilot is capable of operating […]

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