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Five Service Desk KPIs You Should Care About

Every IT organization tends to measure success somewhat differently. However, I’ve found that those with the the best grasp over their service quality really focus on the service desk performance.

The IT service desk is the single point of contact between end users and a business service. As much as the service desk can be the […]

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Moogsoft and xMatters Integration Takes Incident Management to a New Level

“Moogsoft’s anomaly detection and event correlation across the production stack, combined with xMatters’ intelligently coordinated notifications allow Dev and Ops teams to identify and resolve incidents faster than ever before. This integration enables better collaboration across teams through Moogsoft’s Situation Room and xMatters advanced communication to engage the right resources with rich situational context.”  Stephen Hart, […]

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Vendor Proliferation in IT Monitoring

Over the past few years, the B2B space has seen an explosion of software vendors focused on practically every operational function. Whether it’s communications, file storage, cyber security, CRM, marketing automation, HR or anything else a business needs, the available selection of vendors is massive and constantly growing.

This is great for businesses, as they can […]

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[Webinar Recap] Top 5 Reasons Why IT Operations Teams Need Machine Learning for Incident Management

While machine learning has found a place on the “Buzzword Bingo” board, (along with Big Data, Data Science, DevOps, etc.), this advancing technology has proven to be more than just marketing jargon at Moogsoft. Last week, we hosted a webinar with our friends at DevOps.com to clarify what machine learning really is and isn’t, and […]

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Machine Learning for ITOps: a Q&A with Moogsoft CEO Phil Tee


The addition of machine learning technologies to monitoring tools is a hot topic for IT Ops and DevOps teams. While there are a variety of use cases, the “killer app” for IT is how machine learning improves real-time event management to increase service quality for larger enterprises. It does so by automating the early detection […]

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Enterprises Benefit When ITOA Data is Managed for Teams

On any given day, a large enterprise might see something in the range of one or two Priority 1 incidents, five or six Priority 2 incidents and 100 Priority 3 incidents. But does everyone really need to be aware of each and every one? If an enterprise’s entire support staff gets notified about every single […]

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Reliable Takeaways from SREcon15

Hail to the Site Reliability Engineer, or SRE. She or he is responsible for making sure their company’s web presence is up at all times and performing at its peak. The SRE’s work is best summarized as being obsessed around three questions: Does it work? Does it work well? Could it work better?

The role is […]

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For DevOps to Move Faster, It’s a Matter of Asking

How can DevOps teams move faster and improve productivity by automating incident detection and response? This question is examined in our latest white paper: “5 Questions for DevOps Team Who Want to Move Faster.” We released this white paper in late January, and it’s already become one of our most popular downloads. Click to download […]

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What’s in Store for IT Operations Management in 2015?

Gartner recently detailed their new year’s predictions around IT Operations Management in a published research report entitled, “Predicts 2015: IT Operations Management”.

The four overarching call-outs in this report were:

By 2018, controlled shadow IT will contribute up to 30% of IT operations activities, up from 15% in 2014.
By 2017, 25% of I&O organizations will invest in […]

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Automation Nirvana for DevOps is a Matter of Meters and Knobs

Intelligent monitoring combined with intelligent runbook scripting could be the basis for reaching the equivalent of IT operational nirvana. Both of these elements put together can be used to achieve a state of automated self-management, or “closed loop automation” – the melding of the “meters” with the “knob controls.”

While closed loop automation is a great […]

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