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Moogsoft Offers Situational Awareness Across Your Dynatrace Platform

Today, Dynatrace offers a comprehensive collection of solutions to help IT operations teams maintain high quality applications and services. These tools include Dynatrace Application Monitoring for modern applications like Java or .NET, Data Center RUM which leverages the network to understand more traditional applications and Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring which helps customers understand the availability of […]

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[Webinar Recap] Top 5 Reasons Why IT Operations Teams Need Machine Learning for Incident Management

While machine learning has found a place on the “Buzzword Bingo” board, (along with Big Data, Data Science, DevOps, etc.), this advancing technology has proven to be more than just marketing jargon at Moogsoft. Last week, we hosted a webinar with our friends at DevOps.com to clarify what machine learning really is and isn’t, and […]

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Moogsoft Delivers Situational Awareness with AppDynamics

I recently spoke with one of Moogsoft’s newer customers. Only a few minutes into the conversation, it became clear that AppDynamics was a key element of their monitoring stack. They felt that AppDynamics was adding clear value and were particularly fond of its easy setup and the out-of-the-box value from its automatic response time base […]

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Event Correlation – The Build vs. Buy Argument

I returned from DevOpsDays in Chicago a couple weeks back, and was rather surprised. First off, it was way different to the first DevOpsDays I attended in Mountain View back in 2011. It all felt quite professional, grown-up and… wait for it… vendor friendly. This was not the shocking surprise I witnessed though.

Over the two […]

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