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Moogsoft AIOps for Dynatrace APM 2019-04-23T23:12:26+00:00

Moogsoft AIOps for Dynatrace APM

Integrated Performance Management

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Achieve Visibility Beyond Application Performance Management

Moogsoft AIOps gives Dynatrace users a holistic view across application performance management and monitoring tools, automatically relating performance issues to underlying infrastructure events.

AIOps: Integrate Dynatrace APM with ITOM Tools

Moogsoft’s patented algorithmic, real-time, cross-stack event correlation automatically shows operators the full extent of an issue, bringing infrastructure alerts together with application performance problems detected by Dynatrace. It presents all this information in one place, without requiring laborious manual mapping of services to infrastructure, or the time-consuming maintenance of those maps.

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AIOps: Integrate Dynatrace APM with ITOM Tools
Make Insights From Dynatrace More Actionable

Make Insights From Dynatrace More Actionable

Avoid wasting time synchronizing and exchanging information between teams. Enable seamless collaboration across IT silos to quickly identify and remediate issues, and understand the impacts on business services. View all the symptoms of a problem in context — whether they’re application performance issues, or events from the underlying compute or network infrastructure. Leverage machine-learning-enabled features such as Algorithmic Knowledge Capture and Probable Root Cause to further improve response and resolution times.

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Make Insights From Dynatrace More Actionable

Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with Dynatrace

Business, Performance, and Infrastructure Analytics

In order to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues in a timely manner, a holistic view across all data sources is crucial. By connecting with myriad tools and correlating alerts across all of your data sources — infrastructure, the applications that run on it, and the state of the business services that are underpinned by both — Moogsoft AIOps is able to provide that crucial cross-stack visibility.

Digital Experience Monitoring

The priority of an incident is not determined by a raw technical measurement of severity, but by its impact on what end users are actually trying to achieve.

This is why it is key to correlate end users’ transactions, as measured by Dynatrace, with metrics from compute and network infrastructure as measured by various other tools. The combination of these different views enables operators to understand the true extent and impact of technical issues, and address them quickly and correctly.

Application Monitoring and Performance Lifecycle Management

The in-depth instrumentation offered by Dynatrace provides operators with invaluable insights into application performance. Moogsoft AIOps is able to integrate those data with valuable information from other tools across your stack to build a comprehensive view of the entire environment, helping operators ignore the noise, and zoom in quickly on the root cause of the issue under investigation.

Cloud, Container, and Infrastructure Monitoring

Moogsoft AIOps is able to ingest events from a wide variety monitoring systems and services — whether they’re hosted On-Premises, in the Cloud, or in a Hybrid environment — and integrate them all together in a single view. Instead of trying to force or persuade other teams or departments to standardize on a single solution, Moogsoft AIOps can reconcile events across all of these data sources to provide a complete understanding of what is affecting the environment.

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Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with Dynatrace
Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with Dynatrace
Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with ServiceNow


Doesn’t Moogsoft AIOps overlap with Dynatrace’s functionality?

Moogsoft can deliver complete coverage across all data sources, not just the subset of applications that have been instrumented by Dynatrace. Additionally, because Moogsoft’s algorithmic approach is not dependent on applications and infrastructure being instrumented ahead of time, it is better at dealing with unexpected events that have not been defined by Dynatrace. Finally, Moogsoft provides a rich set of collaboration features that augment Dynatrace’s diagnostic capabilities, providing support for the crucial remediation and service restoration activities beyond the application layer.

How does Moogsoft’s Probable Root Cause differ from Dynatrace’s Root Cause Analytics?

Dynatrace’s Anomaly Detection Engine is dependent on the structure of the application, while Moogsoft’s exclusive Probable Root Cause (PRC) and Algorithmic Knowledge features use patented machine-learning techniques to identify events and root causes that have been seen before, regardless of where they’ve occur in your network environment. The combination of these two very different approaches in a single ITOps toolchain can be enormously powerful for busy operators trying to diagnose and resolve issues quickly.