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Moogsoft AIOps for AppDynamics APM 2018-12-17T17:48:13+00:00

Moogsoft AIOps for AppDynamics APM

Integrate Your Monitoring with Next-Gen Incident Management

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Take Your Application Performance Monitoring to the Next Level

Moogsoft AIOps gives AppDynamics APM users the holistic view they need to relate application performance issues to underlying infrastructure events and solve problems faster.

Receive More Actionable Insights from Your APM

Stop wasting time synchronizing and exchanging information between teams. View all symptoms of an incident in context, whether those are events from compute or network infrastructure monitoring, or performance issues detected by AppDynamics APM. Enable seamless collaboration between teams, including full contextual access to native diagnostic capabilities — right down to the code level.

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Receive More Actionable Insights from Your APM
Receive More Actionable Insights from Your APM
Receive More Actionable Insights from Your APM

Bridge Your APM and ITOM with AIOps

Our algorithmic clustering engine shows operators the full extent of an issue in real-time, bringing together cross stack events such as infrastructure alerts and performance problems into one place — without requiring laborious manual mapping of services to infrastructure, or the ongoing maintenance of those maps.

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Bridge Your APM and ITOM with AIOps

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Quote Testimonial

One operator was looking at AppDynamics and speaking to application support level 2, and another operator was on the phone with our network provider. It took more than 30 minutes for both operators to realize that they were, in fact, investigating the same issue. It was at this point that I realized we lacked basic insight and event correlation across our tool sets.”

Cloud Operations Manager

Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with AppDynamics APM

Enriched View Of Service and Infrastructure Dependency

Automatically enrich detected Situations in Moogsoft AIOps with application service and infrastructure dependency data, discovered and mapped automatically by AppDynamics APM. Combine infrastructure events and application performance data with contextual information about customers’ experience and actual business services.

Receive Early Warning of Incidents

Moogsoft AIOps automatically combines dynamic baselining of application performance by AppDynamics APM with low-level infrastructure events to detect developing incidents. Operators and service owners can then start working together immediately to solve problems before customers are impacted.

AI-Enabled Diagnostics — From The Infrastructure To The Code

Combining deep infrastructure visibility with AppDynamics APM’s visibility into individual lines of code gives operations unprecedented clarity when troubleshooting the root cause of an issue. Instead of wasting time on symptoms of problems in another area, you can view all events in context, and zoom in on the relevant events right away.

Get Deeper Context for Operator Actions

The algorithmic real-time correlation of application, infrastructure, and business service information gives IT operations teams deep visibility into the effects and impacts of the issues they investigate, enabling them to take actions with full contextual awareness of the Situation.

Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with AppDynamics APM
Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with AppDynamics APM


Doesn’t this integration create confusion by multiplying the systems that users will need to refer to?

The integration between Moogsoft AIOps and AppDynamics APM is bidirectional: Performance problems are forwarded from AppDynamics APM to Moogsoft AIOps, where algorithms correlate them with relevant events received from other sources. During troubleshooting, operators have access to the AppDynamics APM console within the Moogsoft AIOPs Situation Room, with a contextual view of relevant data, and full access to native AppDynamics APM diagnostic functionality.

What about integrations between AppDynamics APM and other systems, such as an ITSM service desk?

To avoid duplication, Moogsoft AIOps will create and synchronize an incident record in the ITSM service desk solution for an entire Situation, including data from AppDynamics APM, as well as events from other sources.