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Streamline, automate and accelerate incident management across your entire infrastructure, regardless how large and complex
“When our board members ask us how we are improving operations and customer performance, we show them what we're doing with Moogsoft AIOps.”
Jim Reed, Chief Technology Officer, SAP SuccessFactors

Moogsoft helps IT Ops teams reduce enterprise IT complexity and deliver continuous service assurance

IT Ops teams must quickly identify and remediate service-impacting issues, but infrastructures have become increasingly difficult to monitor and manage. Once homogeneous and self-contained, they’re now hybrid, dynamic and distributed, due to the adoption of cloud, mobility and agile development.

To gain control over modern IT infrastructures, IT Ops teams need new monitoring and management technology. That’s what Moogsoft AIOps provides. Moogsoft AIOps is a unified, collaborative platform powered by 50+ patented AI algorithms that acts as a real-time, central system of engagement, adding an intelligence layer between performance monitoring and ITSM systems.

The most open and extensible platform of its kind, Moogsoft AIOps adapts to all the use cases and stages of your AIOps journey, maturing and evolving with your organization. For example, you may use it at first to reduce alert noise, before employing it for progressively more sophisticated purposes, such as reducing outages through root causes analysis, and improving service assurance. Likewise, you may use it at first for monitoring and managing regular apps, before ramping up its use for your most critical services.

In short, Moogsoft AIOps ingests data from all monitoring and management tools, including logs and metrics, eliminates event noise, and correlates important alerts. It pinpoints root causes, and facilitates cross-team collaboration. End result: IT Ops teams detect and resolve problems early and quickly, before they affect customers.

View all related alerts with root cause identifying the source so everyone is in sync and on the same page
See how the incident unfolds so you and your teams can focus troubleshooting where it’s needed

Key Benefits

Regain visibility over noisy, heterogeneous IT infrastructures

As IT complexity grows, IT Ops teams struggle with a deluge of monitoring data, increasing the risk of costly outages. Moogsoft AIOps gives them a comprehensive, real-time view of the status of their infrastructure -- on premises and in the cloud. With complete visibility and context, they can quickly detect and resolve problems, reduce downtime and provide service assurance.

Improve cross-team collaboration

In a distributed IT environment with ephemeral workloads and loosely-coupled components, IT Ops teams can’t quickly detect and resolve issues by looking myopically at their narrow slice of monitoring data. With Moogsoft AIOps, teams work collaboratively from a single console, analyzing the same comprehensive set of data aggregated across the entire monitoring stack. This results in accelerated MTTD and MTTR, and higher uptime.

Boost efficiency and productivity

A constant flow of alert tickets and escalations saps IT Ops teams’ productivity, and their ability to detect critical problems. Moogsoft AIOps ends this vicious cycle by filtering 90%-plus of alerts, correlating and grouping relevant ones. It captures diagnostic information, so future issues can be resolved quickly using past knowledge. IT Ops teams can work smarter by solving clearly defined situations surfaced and contextualized by Moogsoft AIOps.

Deliver instant economic value

Digital services are critical for employee efficiency, revenue generation, brand reputation, product development, and customer satisfaction. IT Ops teams must prevent performance latency and outages. With Moogsoft AIOps, teams lower costs through early incident detection, cause identification and outage prevention. They also increase productivity through fewer tickets and escalations, improved collaboration and knowledge recycling.

Key Capabilities

Central platform for end-to-end incident management

Moogsoft AIOps is a fully extensible, standards-based platform that ingests, analyzes, and manages data from IT Ops teams’ entire monitoring and ITSM stack. As the operational system of engagement for service assurance, Moogsoft AIOps dissolves toolset and data silos that hamper incident management. It’s a coordinating platform that intelligently integrates with and orchestrates all tools, giving teams a single source of truth about their IT environment’s status.

Algorithmic analysis for making IT Ops teams’ work smarter and faster

Moogsoft AIOps gives IT Ops teams a complete set of algorithms for automating incident management that cover all dimensions of AIOps. It analyzes, correlates, clusters and contextualizes streaming data that monitoring and ITSM tools collect from applications, networks, infrastructure, and more. It also learns from past incidents to quickly identify root causes in current ones. The algorithms are transparent, so IT Ops teams can understand and fine-tune them.

Advanced cross-team collaboration

The Situation Room is a virtual meeting place where IT Ops teams can collaborate, share and access all the information necessary to solve a clearly-defined problem. They see all the alerts related to it, an interactive timeline, the various teams involved in resolving it, and which services are impacted. The Situation Room eliminates cross-team silos, confusion and wasted efforts. No more “all hands” conference calls, hostile war rooms and dizzying email threads.

Improved workflows

The Workflow Engine provides an intuitive user interface to create custom logic for event, alert and situation processing. IT Ops teams can use it to automate use cases around their Moogsoft data. Its out-of-the-box workflows include a "closed alerts filter" to prevent further processing of closed alerts, and an “automated ticketing" enabler that uses existing integrations with these systems. It also lets you extract, transform, and route data for events, alerts, and situations within Moogsoft AIOps, and integrate with external frameworks for automated remediation and collaboration.
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