Why Replace Netcool with Moogsoft?

IBM Tivoli Netcool / OMNibus

“The journey to use algorithmics to identify service impacts on the millions and billions of event messages truly began when I built Netcool in 1993. Over the many years that have passed since then, the customer reality has changed beyond recognition. A new generation of algorithmics was needed to cope with the software-defined enterprise. That is why I started Moogsoft.”

-Phil Tee, Moogsoft CEO

Moogsoft AIOps is a next-generation approach to event management, powered by patented machine learning algorithms, to detect features and anomalies from across your applications, network and infrastructure. By leveraging your existing monitoring ecosystem and the wealth of operational data, Moogsoft AIOps is able to understand complex relationships through event correlation and pinpoint anomalous activity in real-time.

Moogsoft AIOps is liberating IT Operations from the perpetual task of building, maintaining and relying upon rules and models for service assurance. This means that IT Operations teams can now detect issues in seconds, troubleshoot in minutes, and give their customers the quality of service that they deserve.

Intelligent & Data Driven

Machine learning applied to unpredictable enviroments.

Modern & Future-Proof

Scalable, extensible and purpose-built for rapid change.

Situational & Collaborative

A system of engagement for cross-domain collaboration

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Moogsoft AIOps works without business logic or rules, does not require a historic behavior model and understands infrastructure changes without reconfiguration.

Through a combination of deduplication, blacklisting and entropy calculation, Moogsoft AIOps reduces operational noise by up to 99%.

Moogsoft AIOps automatically detects anomalies in real-time and correlates events and alerts from across your application, network and infrastructure into actionable ‘Situations’. Based on the scope of the Situation, Moogsoft AIOps then automatically notifies the relevant stakeholders to collaboratively resolve the incident in the Situation Room.

Send ALL of your operational data to Moogsoft AIOps and let the algorithms do the rest. Moogsoft AIOps allows you to loosen your constraints to achieve a more complete view of your production stack.

Moogsoft AIOps automatically captures and reuses knowledge within the Situation Room. Moogsoft AIOps will actually notify you when there is available knowledge from another Situation with a significant degree of similarity.

Moogsoft AIOps reduces the Mean-time-to-Detect (MTTD) incidents, the number of actionable items (alerts and trouble tickets), the Mean-time-to-Resolve (MTTR) incidents and overall impact to your customers.

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