Keeping IT Real: Cutting Through the BS to Create a Real Digital Enterprise

As digital transformation reaches the peak of the hype cycle and every organization marches toward becoming a digital enterprise, IT leaders must break through it all to find the right path forward. A Digital Enterprise is not the company with the best, newest or coolest tools. It’s not about deploying microservices or wearing little bracelets that say “What Would Netflix Do?”

A Digital Enterprise is an organization that has managed to integrate its legacy environments with the right mixture of new technologies, new approaches, and new skills to give their organization a competitive edge.

The bottleneck on the road to becoming a Digital Enterprise isn’t your tools — it’s your team. Your people simply cannot see the full picture anymore. It’s too vast, and it’s too complex. You need a new way to overcome your bottleneck — to see everything that is really happening, to find the real story, and to identify the real impact.

Moogsoft and Intellyx Principal Analyst Charles Araujo present this live webinar event about the challenges facing enterprise IT leaders, and why the organizations that will succeed and emerge as true Digital Enterprises will be the ones that are able to cut through the hype and masses of data to understand the big picture that lies beneath the surface.

Join us for this live webinar event on Thursday, December 8th at 10am PT / 1pm ET.