Next-Generation MoM Adoption: Rip & Replace, or Unite?

Learn how Moogsoft can reinvent your legacy event managers — including IBM Netcool, EMC Smarts, and CA Spectrum.

It’s a new era of IT, and legacy event consoles simply aren’t keeping up with the rapid growth and change inherent to modern IT infrastructures.

The big issues surrounding teams working with these aging tools are the key considerations of whether they should employ a rip-and-replace strategy to modernize IT operations toolsets and workflow, or if they can simply unite them.

This is where the Moogsoft AIOps solution comes in. With over 90 official integrations — as well as a REST API that can ingest anything with a timestamp — Moogsoft is the most flexible, scalable monitoring tool in today’s increasingly crowded market. It can outright replace existing legacy monitor-of-monitors (MoMs) like IBM Netcool, CA Spectrum and BMC, or simply layer over them — as well as other monitors for applications, security, networks, etc. — to increase the value and effectiveness of your current service assurance architecture.

In addition to examining the reasons why simple event managers and legacy MoMs are now inadequate, and how Moogsoft AIOps can fully meet growing needs, this white paper outlines various adoption scenarios to best make use of these new tools.

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