Transforming IT Operations through Algorithmic Intelligence

Don’t let the evolution of IT infrastructures outpace your ability to manage your network.

As organizations increasingly adopt new technologies like Cloud, Software Defined Infrastructures (SDI), Mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT), new and enormous challenges emerge for IT Operations professionals.

Legacy monitoring tools and services simply cannot scale to address the complex and dynamic outputs of these modern IT architectures. IT infrastructure, when enabled with self-serving, self-healing and preventive capabilities, ensures that employees are freed from repetitive operational tasks. Not only can these capabilities reduce year-over-year IT costs, but also eradicate human errors.

In this webinar, “Transforming IT Operations through Algorithmic Intelligence,” HCL Technologies EVP and CTO Kalyan Kumar, Moogsoft Chairman and CEO Phil Tee, and Alsbridge Director Mark Davison deep-dive into the challenges imposed on IT Operations with the adoption of new technologies, and look toward a future in which machine learning and algorithmic intelligence provide operations teams with the tools they need to manage rapid change at scale.

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