Five Essential Techniques for Approaching IT Alert Fatigue

Learn to cut through the informational chaos and get to the core of problems before they cause outages.

The modern era of IT operations suffers no shortage of data. Information comes in so fast, from so many directions, that the problem facing Ops teams isn’t a lack of knowledge, it’s managing that knowledge in clear and meaningful ways. Additionally, with the complexity of today’s network infrastructures, ITOps and DevOps teams can span several operational silos and geographic locations, making team communications convoluted and, given the lack of clear information, potentially combative.

Simply put, much of the pain plaguing IT operations today stems from not being able to see through the chaos, making it difficult to focus on the information and personnel needed to solve problems quickly, and keep everything running smoothly.

In this webinar, Moogsoft is joined by Jason Bloomberg — a widely recognized authority on agile digital transformation, and President of Intellyx — to discuss the best techniques for handling alert fatigue and related issues in an era of ever-increasing complexity in IT environments.

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