2017 AIOps Symposium Fireside Chat

Six IT leaders from HCL, GoDaddy & others discuss enterprise cloud migration, the future of operations centers & much more. Moderated by Moogsoft Chief Evangelist Richard Whitehead.

The closing session of Moogsoft’s 2017 AIOps Symposium brought together some of the sharpest minds in the IT Operations space for an intimate discussion about the issues facing enterprise ITOps and DevOps.

Moderated by by Moogsoft Chief Evangelist Richard Whitehead — and featuring HCL CTO Kalyan Kumar, Empowered Networks’ Chris Hindy, Trace3’s VP of Research & Innovation Mark Campbell, Technologent Practice Manager Eric Repec, GoDaddy CIO Jason Kalich, and Finance Industry veteran Charles O’Keefe — this superstar panel covers the future of ITOA with regard to…

  • The Gartner-predicted shift from a “cloud-first” to a “cloud-only” strategy within 6 years, what that means to business customers and end users, and what needs to happen to make that reality;
  • What the enterprise operations center will look like in 2020;
  • The average number of management tools in any given operations organization’s portfolio, and how that will vary in the coming years;
  • And the evolution of the ITIL Service Desk over the next five years, especially given today’s world of continuous-integration and DevOps.

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