EMA Report: Leaders in Advanced Analytics

A Buyers Guide for Investing in Innovation

This research piece from leading industry analyst firm EMA, available exclusively through Moogsoft, contains the EMA report on Moogsoft AIOps, and an interview with the CTO of a global human capital management company that rolled out Moogsoft AIOps with stellar results.

The report, Leaders in Advanced Analytics: A Buyers Guide for Investing in Innovation, offers a detailed overview of Moogsoft AIOps. Coverage of AIOps benefits includes the myriad environments and scenarios in which the AIOps advantage can be leveraged, as well as the cost advantages of installing AIOps in enterprise business IT.

In the interview piece of this asset bundle, the CTO of a human capital management corporation — a global SaaS company with 24×7 around-the-world demands — expounds the virtues of Moogsoft AIOps in his company’s environment, including a 99.6% reduction of monitoring noise, the unification of monitoring dashboards into a single pane of glass, resulting in the breaking down of silos that previously hindered cross-team communication.

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