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Moogsoft Research
The Science Behind AIOps

Transforming IT Operations

Moogsoft Science is fueling the transformation of operational control for IT infrastructure with innovations across multiple areas of insight. Moogsoft scientists and our global research collaborators actively pursue a thoughtful balance of applied and pure research. Our research has powered more than 50 patents and a portfolio of algorithms for AIOps. Our research is an essential foundation for new, unimagined ways to improve the use of technology. Science is in our DNA; it’s the bedrock of modern innovation.

Areas of Research Focus

Fault Localization

Understanding the structure of networks and service relationships from an informational theoretic point of view. This helps in analyzing the minimum amounts of information necessary to determine the structure and importance of nodes, failure propagation and impact.

Network Information Theory

Novel algorithms related to determination of root cause or prediction of the likelihood of impact from false alerts.

Network Science

Evaluating the evolution and determination of characteristic features of a network, which can be applied to monitoring networks and more broadly, the categorization of information and development of novel AI algorithms.

Pure Science

Investigations of techniques for understanding biological / genetic networks and fundamental physics, which contribute to algorithmic understanding and learning from analog models of neural networks.