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IT transformation is a necessity given the velocity of change to your business and the modernization of your IT environment. Legacy event managers – built for a bygone era – can no longer keep up. You need an entirely new approach to respond to the growing complexity of the modern global enterprise.

Key Challenges

Migration to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud.

Moogsoft captures and correlates every event across your public, private and hybrid cloud environments. This insight allows IT Operations to detect and resolve incidents faster.

Legacy Tools Deliver No Value

Legacy Tools
Deliver No Value.

Legacy Tools don’t work in todays modern application environnments. Moogsoft can help you migrate to modern IT Management in days.

Agile Development & Operations

Agile Development & Operations.

Moogsoft is able to correlate deployments with all your application and infrastructure events so you understand the real impact of change.

Moogsoft Features and Benefits

Complete Correlation and Insight Across Your Stack.

Complete Correlation and Insight Across Your Stack.

360º Situational Awareness across your applications, infrastructure, clouds, and technology stacks. Think of it as event correlation and analytics nirvana.

Analyze Every Event From Every Tool.

Analyze Every Event From Every Tool.

Out-Of-The-Box Integration with over 100 vendors so you capture every event and alert across your production stack. Support for vendors like Docker,
Splunk, Nagios, New Relic, AppDynamics, VMware and more! Check out our integrations page.

Less Noise. More Insight.

Less Noise. More Insight.

Agile Event Reduction eliminates event and alert storms that are triggered across your apps, infrastructure and tools when an incident occurs. Moogsoft applies machine learning algorithms to de-dup, blacklist and correlate the events that relate to incidents.

Detect Anomalies in Seconds

Detect Anomalies in Seconds

Real-time Anomaly Detection helps your teams detect problems instantly, well before end users start complaining. Being the first to know empowers IT Operations to be pro-active so they can deliver great levels of service.

Collaboration in Virtual War Rooms

Collaboration in Virtual War Rooms.

Situation Room allows teams to collaborate around a Situation-driven workflow with access to related alerts, discussion threads, timelime visualizations, knowledge base and all your production monitoring tools.

Native ChatOps

Native ChatOps.

Native ChatOps capabilities allows each of your teams to participate in active discussions around incidents which may have been escalated. This enables true DevOps collaboration so that knowledge can be shared, learned and re-used across teams helping everyone become more agile.

All Your Tools Together In One Place

All Your Tools Together In One Place

Production Workbench integrates all your favorite monitoring tools like Splunk, New Relic and AppDynamics into one place so teams can troubleshoot, collaborate, and share insight as it happens.

Learn From Failure

Learn From Failure

Knowledge Base captures all discussions and expert advice from every Situation so it can be recycled for future situations that have high similarity ranking. Nothing like re-inventing the wheel for those reoccuring incidents, right?

Automate Incident Management

Closed Loop Remediation helps IT Operations automate remediation of problems using existing run books, scripts or programs that can be invoked using MooBots within Incident.MOOG.

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