Situational Awareness

Modern Operational Insight for IT Operations.

You have more applications, technologies, servers, deployments, tools and events than ever. Your teams can no longer cope with the scale and change of your environments. They need less noise, more correlation, collaboration, and complete context of what is going on around them.

Welcome to the world of Situational Awareness.

Situational Awareness Overview

Unique Operational Insight Across Your Production Stack.

360 Situational Awareness Overview

Detect and Restore in Minutes.

Manage IT Operations with a Modern Approach

Legacy IT Mgmt.



Hour to Detect & Restore

Millions of Disparate Events

Filters, Rules & Models

Silo’d Troubleshooting

Dinosaurs (CA, IBM, HP, BMC)

NetCool, Spectrum, BEM, OV

Not Cool (Legacy IT Mgmt)


Modern IT Mgmt.



Minutes to Detect & Restore

Tens of Correlated Events

Machine Learning & Analytics

Team Collaboration & ChatOps

Cows (Moogsoft)


Cool (Modern IT Mgmt)

The Situation-Driven Approach

Incident.MOOG transforms IT Operations by creating Situational Awareness for teams, and focusing on the workflow of Situations, rather than the analysis of discrete events or alerts.


Situations are groups of related events or alerts, which are correlated and share context – and as such, Situations reflect a one-to-one mapping to incidents. Incident.MOOG relies on unsupervised and supervised machine learning to detect anomalies and create Situations. This makes Incident.MOOG agile and able to perform well in large dynamic application environments across on-premise, cloud, software defined networks (SDN) and virtualized infrastructures.

Situation.Driven Approach

Situation Room-Driven Workflow

Incident.MOOG bridges the gap between IT Operations and IT Service Management by creating a Situation Room (Virtual War Room) for each Situation, and then automatically invites the appropriate teams or people to collaborate in the Situation Room together.

Teams are invited based on the type of events/alerts related to a Situation and their level of expertise, this ensures the right people work on the right Situations at the right time, thus eliminating unnecessary workloads across all teams.

The Situation Room has embedded discussion and ChatOps capabilities, as well as access to all your production monitoring tools via the Production Workbench. This provides a powerful platform to troubleshoot Situations across toolsets, share/capture knowledge, and automate remediation across your applications and infrastructure.

Situation Room