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Probable Root Cause Analysis

Give Your Team the Intel They Need to Solve Problems Faster

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Unleash the Power of Human-Guided AI

Moogsoft AIOps looks for patterns in operator-supplied feedback to provide a root-cause analysis for any incoming Situation.

Find the Root Cause of Any Problems

Get to the Bottom of Any Performance Issue

Our AI helps your team quickly diagnose the underlying causes of any performance issues. This technology works even if the Situation has never occurred in the past.

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Find the Root Cause of Any Problems

Understand Causality in Any Environment

Moogsoft AIOps gives you context into the cause of application- and service-impacting incidents in cloud, on-premises, and hybrid scenarios. Now your Dev and Ops teams can be agile no matter how complex or unpredictable the environment.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Documentation

By 2022, 40% of all large enterprises will combine big data and machine learning functionality to support and partially replace monitoring, service desk and automation processes and tasks.

Leverage the Wisdom of the Herd

Leverage the Wisdom of the Herd

Moogsoft AIOps takes disconnected tribal knowledge and makes it available to your entire team, regardless of where they sit. This helps you avoid unnecessary escalations and delays by giving your team members the insight they need to take corrective action.

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Leverage the Wisdom of the Herd

A combination of analytical approaches can be applied to a broad set of data to suggest and compare multiple probable root causes of availability and performance issues.”

– Deloitte Consulting

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