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Algorithmic Noise Reduction

Reduce Your Alert Volume by Over 90%

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Don’t Let Alert Fatigue Cripple Your Dev and Ops Teams

Moogsoft AIOps makes it easier than ever for you to detect the issues that are impacting your customer’s experience, and ignore the noise.

Eliminate Noise & Distractions

Eliminate Unhelpful Noise

Our patented noise reduction technology lets Dev and Ops teams see only what is important, so they can find and fix issues faster than ever before. Best of all, Moogsoft AIOps works across any event source — infrastructure, applications, and user experience, both historical and streaming.

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Eliminate Noise & Distractions

No Rules, Filters, or Models Required

Moogsoft AIOps’ noise reduction works out-of-the-box and requires no historical training. Now you can focus on CI/CD instead of wasting time trying to manage rules, filters, models, and thresholds.

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No more rules, filters and models


Event Reduction and 10x Increase in L1 Operator Productivity.

AI Automatically Reduces Alerts by Up to 99%

Let the Machines Do the Boring Work

Let the Machines Do the Boring Work

Our AI and machine-learning algorithms do the heavy lifting so your team can tackle more important tasks. Patented technologies like Automatic Deduplication, Alert Ranking, and Algorithmic Noise Reduction automatically reduce your alerts by over 90% so your operators can stop analyzing alerts and start beating their SLAs.

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AI Automatically Reduces Alerts by Up to 99%

Let the Machines Do the Boring Work

Moogsoft AIOps correlates and normalizes all of our monitoring data, allowing us to focus on the exceptions
— and the numbers are staggering.”

– SAP SuccessFactors

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