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Algorithmic Knowledge

Automatically Boost Your Team’s Collective Knowledge

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Use AI to Help Humans Learn Faster

Moogsoft AIOps builds and leverages tribal knowledge to take the guesswork out of troubleshooting. Our AI analyzes current alerts against past incident narratives, and presents a list of matching Situations, without requiring human intervention.

Quickly Identify the Source of Any Repeat Incidents

Immediately Identify Any Recurring Problem

Many performance-related problems are simply the result of recurring issues, but reaching that conclusion can take humans teams hours of diagnostics. Moogsoft AIOps solves this problem by automatically blueprinting past issues and then surfacing similar Situations to your operators, complete with a detailed log of resolving steps.

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Quickly Identify the Source of Any Repeat Incidents

Say Goodbye to Manual Documentation

Traditional knowledge bases require humans to take time out of their day to document problems and solutions. Moogsoft AIOps documents the diagnosis and resolution processes for any Situation for you, so you can spend your time on other tasks.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Documentation


of IT issues are detected by end users first.

Achieve Continuous Operational Improvement

Get Continuous Operational Improvement

Algorithmic Knowledge delivers clear Next Steps that include the resolving actions that were taken in the past, surfacing everything from ChatOps commands to scripts and run books, so you can quickly fix any recurring incident.

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Achieve Continuous Operational Improvement

In just the first few weeks, Moogsoft was able to deliver a 500x increase in [level 1] operator productivity.”

– Operations Center Sr. Manager,
Automotive Digital Enterprise

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