Event Correlation with Moogsoft

Event Correlation

Next-Generation Event Management by Moogsoft

Are your support teams are overwhelmed by noise?

Do you spend hours analyzing and correlating event streams?

Let Moogsoft automate this for you.

History of Event Correlation


The idea of correlating events across hosts, domains and toolsets is nothing new. Most enterprises over the years have invested in toolsets like IBM Netcool Omnibus, CA Spectrum, EMC SMARTS, HP Network Node Manager or BMC TruSightLegacy Event Correlation that were designed to analyze events from your network and infrastructure when environments were relatively small and static.

Today, applications are king, and the complexity of their technologies and architectures has introduced a new level of scale and change which makes event correlation extremely complex. Enterprises and service providers are generating at least one million events a day across thousands of application nodes that are being monitored by 25-50 different toolsets in production.

The legacy approach to event correlation revolves around customers writing rules and filters, both of which are time consuming, expensive and unscalable over-time. With environments so big and dynamic its now impossible for IT Operations to accurately model and correlate events across their application, network and infrastructure silos. Aggressive use of filters means IT Operations often filters out important events and aggressive use of rules results in high frequency of false positives.

Incident.Moog offers a new approach to this problem by helping support teams automate the analysis and correlation of events across their production stacks using machine learning technology.

Event Correlation Across Your Applications, Network and Infrastructure

Moogsoft uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to accurately correlate events across all of your production stack. While most vendors use time and unique identifiers as the primary means to correlate events, Moogsoft goes way deeper using sophisticated algorithms that analyze the linguistic and topological relationships between events – looking for similarities, patterns and anomalies that often go undetected.

Event Correlation Across Tiers

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