Reduce operational noise and correlate events across applications, network and infrastructure from multiple toolsets. Communicate and collaborate across silos for rapid remediation. Capture knowledge and apply it to the future. Scale with confidence, embrace change.

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Moogsoft AIOps helps Dev and Ops teams become smarter, faster, and more effective. By using AI to automate mundane operational work, we free up humans to do what they do best: innovate.

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Algorithmic Clustering and Correlation

Get Full Visibility Into Your Ops — No Blind Spots

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Stop Reacting to Alerts and Tickets

Use the power of AI so your teams can quickly understand the whole problem, from the nearest symptom all the way back to the root cause.

Put Two and Two Together with AI

Our AI infers relationships between alerts across your production environment. The result is a Situation — a clustered group of correlated Alerts that is sent to Dev and Ops teams, complete with a visual narrative and timeline.

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AI Clusters Related Alerts into Unique Situations

Put Two and Two Together with AI
Correlate Alerts Across Your Tools

Correlate Alerts Across Your Tools

Moogsoft’s Algorithmic Clustering Engine combines the power of supervised and unsupervised AI to surface only actionable Situations to your human operators. This agile and adaptive technology learns on-the-fly and is purpose-built for dynamic enterprise environments where change is constant and moving fast is a must.

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Correlate Alerts Across Your Tools


Reduction in Help Desk Tickets with Moogsoft AIOps.

Achieve Cross-Stack Enlightenment

Achieve Cross-Stack Enlightenment

Moogsoft AIOps makes solving complex problems simple by giving you the context and full visibility across your environment, so that you can see everything together in one place. Our human-centered AI gives you a new level of insight, and the understanding you need to take action.

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Achieve Cross-Stack Enlightenment

We needed a tool that could automatically correlate events across multiple toolsets. Moogsoft is the only solution that can truly do that.”

– Operations Center Sr. Manager

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