Moogsoft and RabbitMQ
Our integration with RabbitMQ ensures that users can take advantage of ITIL-aligned best practices to maintain control and ensure standards. This combination helps businesses in their digital transformation journeys, increasing business agility by delivering IT strategic alignment.

Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with RabbitMQ


Avoid ticket duplication and unnecessary escalations by creating timely ServiceNow incident records based on Situations detected by Moogsoft AIOps’ algorithms. Synchronize information in both directions to ensure complete visibility and alignment between teams throughout the incident’s lifecycle — from creation to resolution

Change and Release Management

Take advantage of the real-time algorithmic analysis within Moogsoft AIOps to monitor the effects of changes, and minimize potential impacts and costs, further accelerating the release of new business services.

Configuration Management

Use data from ServiceNow to further improve the quality and relevance of Situations generated by Moogsoft AIOps, including relationships between technology infrastructure and business services.
“We needed to automate our ‘catch and dispatch’ process without the need of rules. With Moogsoft AIOps, the result was a 62% reduction in help desk tickets, and a 33% reduction in MTTR (Mean Time-to-Remediate).”
Navin Sabharwal, Learn more
See RabbitMQ documentation here