FOX Corporation Unifies Business Services and Modernizes with Moogsoft

FOX produces and distributes content through some of the world’s leading and most valued brands, including: FOX News Media, FOX Sports, the FOX Network, FOX Television Stations and leading AVOD service Tubi. FOX empowers a diverse range of creators to imagine and develop culturally significant content, while building an organization that thrives on innovative ideas, operational expertise and strategic thinking.

The breadth and depth of the FOX footprint allows the Company to deliver content that engages and informs audiences, develop deeper consumer relationships, and create more compelling product offerings. FOX maintains an impressive track record of news, sports, and entertainment industry success that shapes its strategy to capitalize on existing strengths and invest in new initiatives.

In 2021, the FOX Technology Center in Tempe, Arizona, came online creating a centralized broadcast, streaming, and technology hub for its brands.

“Moogsoft has been the great unifier in tying together the disparity of the complex and specific nature of broadcast operations with the speed and agility of monitoring modern tech infrastructures.”

– Jeff Dow, EVP, Media and Broadcast Operations

Business Challenges

Centralize and Unify Diverse Business Units

With the creation of Fox Corporation in 2019, the Company focused on creating synergies between enterprise (IT) and the separate broadcast services. The FOX team realized that the broadcast services urgently needed to migrate from their SDI based non-IP legacy technologies, to a more open, unified digital cloud-based technology architecture based on SMPTE 2110. FOX identified that their internal enterprise IT organization had expertise in cloud migration, hence the motivation to unify the teams.

This led to a specific challenge.

One Platform for Broadcast, Cloud and Corporate Applications

FOX needed a solution that could ingest alerts from any source, ubiquitous and standardized across all technologies. Moogsoft enabled FOX to quickly integrate alerts from a wide variety of data sources, both aggregated and direct. These sources include:

  • APM Management Platform
  • Server Management Platform
  • Network Management Platform
  • Generic and product specific management feeds from their Public Cloud Service Provider (CSP)
  • Log Aggregation and Management
  • Website Monitoring (Scraping) tools
  • Media Resource Management Software
  • Videos Streaming Management System
  • Building Management Systems
  • Video Content Management System
  • SVDN Media Analytics Platform
  • Streaming Equipment Management Systems
  • Streaming Analytics System
  • Video Streaming API System
  • Live Stream Monitoring
  • Fast Data Transfer Management System

As well as outbound integrations with ticketing systems and on-call escalation and notification systems.

FOX identified that the framework needed to be “tool agnostic”, as adoption of technologies is more successful if teams are allowed to select their own tools. FOX teams rely on two ITSM systems for ticketing, and a growing number of teams leverage the on-call notification system to escalate high and critical issues.


FOX deployed Moogsoft over the course of the project, successfully integrating all required data sources, including network, systems and application monitoring solutions, cloud based infrastructure, and media broadcast systems.

Event streams are ingested from newer, SMPTE 2110 based technology, that utilizes IP-based protocols such as RTP, SIP and PTP.

A key benefit of using Moogsoft as a processing layer prior to ticketing is that it gives teams the freedom to select their platform of choice, either the centralized ticketing systems, the underlying management system, collaboration software, or Moogsoft itself. Regardless of the choice of system of engagement, users benefit from a mature and fully featured IT system.

A Journey to Advanced Correlation

With the data sources challenge addressed, FOX explored the correlation features Moogsoft brought to the table. They progressively implemented more sophisticated techniques.

Initially they started with clustering based on email sender, hostname, location, timespan, and tool alert id.

FOX leveraged their APM and Server Management system’s tagging feature, and used Moogsoft to cluster application and service-based alerts.

Service dependencies and relationships will be pushed from their ITSM system, and these relationships will be used for additional alert clustering, further reducing noise.

“Moogsoft has absolutely been instrumental in preventing outages.”

– Paul Cheesbrough, CTO & President, Digital

From Device-Based to Service-Based Monitoring

Support for tags also proved invaluable for monitoring AWS resources. FOX leverages their CSP's “self-healing” capability meaning physical resources (devices) become ephemeral, being automatically replaced when they become unhealthy. By treating a service tag as the source, they were able to monitor the state of, and cluster by service.

FOX has matured to topology clustering, by pushing the application and service relationship data from ServiceNow into Moogsoft.


Ultra-fast Data-source Onboarding

One of the biggest, unexpected benefits was the sheer speed at which new data sources could be onboarded. This was instrumental in ensuring project deadlines were met.

Whether it’s new teams, existing teams taking on new projects, or even acquisitions, FOX is ready to ingest data rapidly from any new source, and integrate it into the Moogsoft platform. This ensures standards and processes remain constant, and the user experience remains consistent, regardless of the business challenge.

Tool Agnostic Framework

The IT team no longer has to be involved in individual teams’ tool selection, as they are confident any data source can be easily integrated with Moogsoft, and therefore any upstream systems (ticketing systems) without additional effort, significantly reducing TCO. This allows the teams autonomy to select the tool that best fits their needs.