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Across Silos February 2016 Edition

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Across Silos February 2016 Edition

Back in 2012 when Mike Silvey and I founded Moogsoft, the company occupied one table in a local Kebab shop with big ideas and an appetite to match. A few years later – and thanks to the backing of our investors – we are now 80-ish people spread across the globe from London […]

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Across Silos January 2016 Edition

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The Operational Analytics
Newsletter for the New Era of IT
“Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”

Though I’m not a fan of recycling quotes and borrowing the wisdom of great thinkers, this one recently came to mind. When you have a disruptive message to deliver, quite often the first response […]

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Across Silos December 2015 Edition



In 986AD, Erik the Red set sail from Viking Norway for Greenland. For a while, he established a thriving colony; indeed his more famous son, Leif Erikson, famously rivals Christopher Columbus as the true “discoverer” of America. However, by the mid fourteenth century all Viking presence in Greenland was gone. […]

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