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Six Qualities That Make Your ITOA Tool Modern

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Devops Digest – 25 Advantages of DevOps

DEVOPSdigest asked experts from across the industry for their opinions on the most significant advantages of DevOps. Part 2 covers agility and velocity.

“In order to provide service delivery at unprecedented speed, organizations need to incorporate DevOps practices. The biggest value DevOps offers is velocity, ensuring faster delivery of features. Key aspects are automated deployments and continuous […]

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Three Crucial Ways Machine Learning for Monitoring Automation Advances IT

The increase in complexity, along with the accelerating rate of change in IT are the two factors that make it so difficult for IT operations teams to identify issues without having deep knowledge of a particular setup. This complexity also means that technical people are staring at incomplete screens, showing only a part of the […]

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First We Fixed Dev, But Let’s Not Forget About Ops

Since its beginning in 2008, DevOps has gone from an underground rebellion by developers to a mainstream movement with representatives in every industry and at every scale. You can see the change just by looking at how people attending DevOps events dress: the black T-shirts are still there, but these days there are lots of […]

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How ‘Data-First’ Tools will Dominate the Enterprise

We are about to witness an upheaval in the enterprise software market that will put billions of dollars of IT spending up for grabs.

In the old world, enterprise applications were primarily about increasing a business’ efficiency through better workflow — data and analytics were add-ons. In the emerging world, applications will be “data first,” putting […]

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3 Challenges for Managing Hybrid Cloud

Moving forward in 2016, it’s clear that cloud computing has become key to digital transformation. It’s also taking more of a hybrid approach. Enterprises are quickly adopting a combination of both private and public cloud technologies to run their mix of application workloads.

Yet as more enterprises adopt this hybrid cloud approach, IT leaders are asking themselves a number of […]

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How Machine Learning Improves Today’s Dynamic IT Landscape

Modern IT Service Management is working pretty well, all things considered. It enables highly distributed teams, parts of which may even work for entirely different companies, to come together to support business services that rely on extremely complex software stacks – and to do it pretty effectively, at least most of the time. All of […]

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Summary of latest IT Monitoring Survey

In December of 2015, Moogsoft exhibited at AppDynamics AppSphere, an Application Performance Management (APM) user conference that was attended by 1,500+ IT Operations leaders from Fortune 500 enterprises around the world.

To make the most of the opportunity, we conducted an IT monitoring survey with attendees to better understand the current state of monitoring across organizations. […]

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How Machine Learning is being Applied to IT Operational Tools

Machine learning is often viewed as a new technology, yet the concept of algorithms being applied to machines in order to learn and make predictions based on data has actually been a field of research for over 50 years. Arthur Samuel, an American pioneer in the field of computer gaming, defined machine learning in 1959 […]

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5 Ways Machine Learning Impacts IT Root Cause Analysis

What do Google driverless cars and Stanford University autonomous helicopters have in common?

Both rely on machine learning technology to make sense of complex environments, while ensuring good decisions are made sooner.  Machine learning’s ability to make good decisions faster in complex environments also can be applied to solve challenges in IT operations.

In today’s dynamic IT […]

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