Product Architect – SF

Product Architect Job Responsibilities:

Stays continuously current with latest relevant software design approaches and is able to successfully work with stakeholders, engineers and developers to keep our product ahead of the competition from usability, efficiency and security perspectives.

Product Architect Job Duties:

  • Perform R&D activities, vetting and prioritizing enhancements and new approaches
  • Contribute to long term (12 month) and short term (3 month) product roadmaps
  • Thoroughly know the current product technical stack inside-and-out and be able to assist our field services staff in a technical advisory/mentoring capacity
  • Ability to work with prospect and client Office of CTO teams during architecture reviews of our product and clearly be able to communicate/document how we meet each requirement or if there is a gap work to get it appropriately prioritized on our roadmaps
  • Provide technical oversight on Proof of Concepts/Value (POCs/POVs) and full product deployments including large enterprise high-availability at scale
  • Occasional travel to prospect/client locations to whiteboard designs
  • Help implement and manage our cloud/SaaS offering

Product Architect Skills and Qualifications:

Great attitude and energy, Pride of Ownership/Workmanship, Strong coding/scripting skills (Javascript a plus), Strong understanding of fundamental web mechanics (knowledge of Apache Web Server and Tomcat a plus), Strong understanding of fundamental database mechanics (MySQL a plus), Strong understanding of basic SaaS/Cloud approaches, Able to quickly parse data in any common format (Basic Regex proficiency a must, Strong Regex a plus, Strong JSON a plus), Understanding of contemporary Service Assurance and Operational Data tools a plus (any current generation monitoring tools, log/alarm management tools, etc.) Clear Communications Skills to the point of being able to distill complex tech to straightforward concepts and being able to influence ideas across mixed audiences, Some study of data sciences at university/college level or equivalent on-the-job experience a big plus, Some IT Security knowledge a plus