What’s It Like Working At Moogsoft? Our Employees of the Quarter Talk About Values, Culture and Collaboration
Caroline Chamberlain | November 29, 2022

Every quarter here at Moogsoft, our team nominates a few “Employees of the Quarter” - people that have gone above and beyond their normal day job to advance Moogsoft - to win a special prize and be featured in our all-hands.

In this blog post, we’ve interviewed a couple of past Quarter winners to hear their thoughts on their time at Moogsoft.

Employee of the Quarter - Valerie Davis

Employee of the Quarter - Jared Foldy

Jared & Valerie: What do you enjoy most about your job?

[V]: I would definitely say, the best thing about working at Moogsoft is just that the people are really great. During my interview process, I had the opportunity to meet a couple of people, which really impacted my decision to start working here and take this job. Being able to connect with other people from literally all over. It's been awesome, and everyone's so friendly, and the culture, I would say it's a very healthy culture to be in, which was important for me as well.

[J]: In my role specifically, I have the joy of getting to work with people and teams from all across the company rather than just a single team, and I found that I work really well that way and really come alive in the role. I get to connect and collaborate with people and other stakeholders just across the business, and I feel most fulfilled at work when getting to sort of lead an initiative, and get to pull people in from all these different parts of the business, and we get to see something come together in a really beautiful way. I found that people have so much value to add, and sometimes they might not even be aware of the value that they'll bring to the table for something, and just getting to set the table for others to brainstorm and throw out ideas, can really push something forward in a way that's only possible when they're there. And we're all collaborating together.

How would you describe Moogsoft's culture?

[V]: I would describe Moogsoft’s culture as just being one that really values the people over what they're doing. Although what we do is very fast paced and there's so many moving pieces, we're able to connect with the people on our teams laterally and unilaterally, just to be able to get to know people, and I would say it's a friendly culture. It's fun. It's light hearted. There are very serious moments, but there's also just time to just relax and to be friendly with one another.

[J]: I think calling a culture of work collaborative can be pretty overused, but I've truly never seen a collaborative spirit so alive in a company before. We don't work in silos on our teams. Cross functionality is really strong.and we definitely do our best work when we pull other people in from all these other teams to collaborate together. Um, just for the additional insight and the perspective to really round something out in a way that again can only happen when we are collaborating in a way that's cross- team.

And the other thing that I really enjoy, of course, is the work life balance that's promoted and encouraged, which in my experience is quite rare to find. As a dad and a husband, this is really important, because we're encouraged to take time for ourselves to be with their families, and to be present with the things that we value and enjoy outside of work

What is something you’ve really enjoyed at Moogsoft?

[J]: There's been a lot. A recent project that was really fulfilling for me was getting to roll out a new piece of software internally for our teams to measure customer satisfaction. It was a joy to see those results come in from customers over the course of a few months, who just been absolutely raving about their interactions with us. And it was really rewarding to implement a tool not only to measure the external satisfaction with our customers, but it's also serving as a way to highlight the support team to our internal stakeholders. They're really proud of the processes that are in place on that team and the work that they're doing. And now there's a quantifiable and measurable way to show that.
[V]: Phil really does inspire me. The way that he's able to carry everything that he carries for our company is really astounding. His scheduling is so packed a lot of times, but he still makes time to connect with his employees and with people outside of business which is really awesome to me. He's also so knowledgeable about things that I have just been able to learn from him every time I have a conversation with him, and just being able to work directly underneath him allows me the opportunity to learn more and to be better, and inspires me to be excellent in everything that I do. It's been so great working here.

Curious to learn more about our team? Check out our about page or careers page if you’re interested in joining the herd!
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