Turning Telemetry into Actionable Insight with Moogsoft Observability Cloud
Moogsoft Team | November 2, 2020

Available today, the new Moogsoft Observability Cloud provides DevOps practitioners and SREs with intelligent, AI-based observability capabilities. It lets you immediately begin surfacing actionable insights and perform advanced event management across your digital services and infrastructure.

Available today, the new Moogsoft Observability Cloud provides DevOps practitioners and SREs with intelligent, AI-based observability capabilities. It lets you immediately begin surfacing actionable insights and perform advanced event management across your digital services and infrastructure.

Under the hood, Moogsoft Observability Cloud extends AI-based intelligence so that it starts with raw observability data analysis. It discovers your infrastructure services to collect and analyze the time-series metrics locally, along with turning time-series metrics and event data from your existing tools into actionable insights. The process is simple: automate the high and low thresholds, detect anomalies, identify the important alerts, then correlate everything together -- all producing the context and actions you need to make for informed detection and response.

At the heart of it, your benefit is better visibility about your services, which enables advanced warning of potential outages and context about the incidents that cause them. With intelligent observability, teams can more efficiently collaborate, learn, improve, and innovate for continuous availability of services.

What’s Inside Moogsoft Observability Cloud

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud is available today as a free trial.

Some features include:

  • Simple onboarding process with guided tours that provide valuable results in minutes, not days or weeks or months.
  • Native collector that gathers time-series metric data directly from sources such as Amazon EC2, Docker, MongoDB, Redis, and more, so you easily collect and analyse all your metric data at the source.
  • Automatic and adaptive thresholds that learn from your time-series metric data to detect anomalies and produce actionable events when the data is outside the normal operating behavior.
  • Build your own integrations capability that allows you to easily ingest even the trickiest event and metrics payloads.
  • Enrichment capabilities to add more information and context to your data
  • Correlation across all your data sources to increase the context of what is happening and why.
  • Workflows that allow you to easily and flexibly customize enrichment and the paths your data follow, reducing toil and getting incidents to the right people faster.
  • Integrations with collaboration tools such as PagerDuty, and the ability to send alert and incident data to an endpoint of your choosing with an open webhook API.

Benefits of Intelligent Observability

Automated Monitoring reduces the need to set thresholds by automatically applying statistical calculations and anomaly detection algorithms to the time-series metric data. This allows the thresholds to adapt to the behavior of your metrics quickly and over time as your services grow and change.


Moogsoft Goes Self Service

Moogsoft Observability Cloud empowers SREs to begin performing advanced event management in minutes.


Transparent Correlation is about pattern matching, so you don’t have to look at a channel or screen full of alerts and try to figure out what relates to what. Guided by your use cases, correlation makes logical connections between alerts across your technology stack. The result: you receive a single notification with the context and information you need to resolve the incident faster and keep your services running at peak performance.

Create your own Integration to integrate the tools you already use and trust to drive even more value out of them! In three simple steps, you can create a customisable and flexible API or webhook to keep all your tools and teams in sync. You’ll see a massive reduction in the number of incident tickets sent to your ticketing systems.

Notification and Collaboration across teams is the fastest way to resolve complex multi-service incidents. Through configurable outbound integrations, using webhooks and workflows, or creating your own, all team members are provided the big picture of an incident – and the ability to drill down to context-sensitive details. It’s easy to integrate your existing collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. Or snap in notification and escalation tools like PagerDuty.

Workflow is the personalized automation of human behavior to reduce toil. It allows you to control the flow of your data and the associated presentation of enriched information so you get the right information to the right person the first time. 

Self-Service lets you get up-and-running in minutes by yourself to quickly realize value. In-app guides,  tours and built-in documentation help your team get repeatable and automated observability on-demand with Moogsoft Observability Cloud.

Get Your Free Trial Today

Getting the benefits of Moogsoft Observability Cloud entails signing up for a free trial and choosing one of three simple options.

  1. Install a Collector. A collector is a small component that is installed on your system to collect and analyze data in real-time and send the output to Moogsoft for further processing.
  2. Setup Pre-built Integrations. Collect monitoring data from some of the most popular tools supported directly by Moogsoft.
  3. Send Data to Moogsoft APIs. Send data to our metrics and event APIs or create your own API endpoint in three easy steps.

I invite you to click here and sign up for a free trial. You will clearly see the path forward to faster incident detection and resolutions, increased reliability, more time to focus on innovation and less on fire fighting.


Moogsoft is the AI-driven observability leader that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps. Moogsoft delivers the most advanced cloud-native, self-service platform for software engineers, developers and operators to instantly see everything, know what’s wrong and fix things faster.

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