RIA Vendor Selection Matrix™ for AIOps 2022
Richard Whitehead | September 7, 2022

In July, the research firm Research In Action (RIA), published the 2022 edition of their annual Vendor Selection Matrix™. Despite AIOps being a well established technology (Moogsoft has customers who have been reaping the benefits of AIOps for many years) selecting a vendor can still be quite difficult, given the plethora of vendors who quickly re-branded their solutions as AIOps. So a vendor selection guide is a valuable resource. According to their own research, vendor comparisons are the most commonly used tools for creating vendor shortlists.

So who’s RIA? They are an independent outside research organization based in Germany, who research market trends, market potential, ROI and - as in the case with this report - vendor comparison. Their Vendor Selection Matrix™ is a mainly survey-based evaluation, with 63% of the evaluation being based on enterprise IT or business decision makers, making it a “voice of the user” report. In this case 1,500 users.

Matrix Summary

Obviously as a vendor, we were interested in whether we were included in the matrix (not everyone was, only 18 vendors met the minimum criteria in terms of adoption and evaluation). The next question was how were the vendors ranked?

The report broke the analysis down to two primary categories. “Quick facts” (market presence, growth rate, and customer traction). All great indications of how significant of an impact a vendor is making. The second, and more intriguing category, and the one that actually determines the rank in the matrix, analyzed strategy and execution. Check out the matrix itself to see how strategy and execution were determined. The combined ranking resulted in an overall score out of a possible 10.

In any quadrant type matrix, you want to be “top right”, so we were delighted to see we were, but more significantly, we were part of an elite group of four vendors who scored more than 9.

In addition to the matrix evaluation, RIA identified vendors who were outstanding in specific areas, and awarded “badges”. Who doesn’t love a badge? Well, we got four:

  • Market Leader
  • #1 Recommendation Index
  • #1 Customer Satisfaction
  • #1 Price Versus Value

As happy as are to be identified as a market leader, we derive even more satisfaction from the fact that we’ve been acknowledged for things that really matter to our customers.

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