Monthly Moo Update | September 2021
Adam Frank | August 31, 2021

This has been quite the summer to remember as we continue to witness our customers achieve remarkable efficiencies through automation such as deep integrations with change pipelines to suppress alerts during maintenance windows and correlating alerts to create incidents with dynamic and evolving descriptions that dramatically improve Incident management processes. Our focus remains with you and all the goodness you’re up to. We’re very excited about what’s shaping up to be an incredible autumn. To kick some of it off, our latest updates, available now, improve your workflow automation, increase your incident context, and even more monitoring efficiencies to keep you and your time focused on what you do best - providing a top shelf customer experience to all your customers.

New Features & Enhancements

  • Context for your Troubleshooting by integrating Datadog and filtering to ingest only the event and metric data you care about most while also automatically propagating the most important tag data from your alerts to your incidents
  • Don’t Just Observe Your Containers, Turn the Data Into Action by integrating Prometheus Alertmanager to correlate alerts from your container monitoring with surrounding infrastructure and application alerts
  • Spend Less Time on Administration and Maintenance by increasing your knowledge and understanding of the flow of data, why each feature is important, and how they work together to bring you the context you need to restore outages faster

Increase Context for your Troubleshooting

Integrate Datadog events and metrics with Moogsoft

Datadog collects a ton of data, and you want the key pieces that are very useful, full of context, and actionable. Stop attempting to sift through ALL your Datadog data to find relationships and potential incidents. Let Moogsoft automatically detect anomalies and correlate the alerts together.

There’s no need to ingest all your Datadog data into Moogsoft when you only care about a few metric points and/or several meaningful alerts. You can now select only the data you care about by using the filtering capability to automatically adjust the integration query to ONLY pull back the data that you’ve requested. This provides a whole lot more context and improves your processing and workflow actions on the data to automatically find relationships and potential incidents that you can address before they impact your business.

These improvements provide a form-based API interaction approach, so the administrator that is setting up the Datadog integration can easily build the query they need to filter which metrics and or events the integration queries to pull back to Moogsoft, without needing to know anything about the Datadog API. The filtering occurs by selecting which Datadog tags, priority, hosts, and or sources to query. There’s also additional validation and context provided so you know when tests pass or fail, and why.

Select the Tags You Want Propagated

When things go wrong in your environment, the information you need from your monitoring products is buried and hard to find. A lot of the information you need comes from the tags you already have set up to identify key areas of information. So it really shouldn’t be so hard to find. Nobody wants to have to pay credits when there’s an issue and they’ve exceeded their SLA.

With Moogsoft, the context you need to stay well within your SLA and SLOs is right in front of you. Incidents in Moogsoft will automatically aggregate, and deduplicate any or all of the tags from your alerts, it’s your choice. This, of course, includes any custom tags you’ve created along the way. This provides you with the fastest path to remediation through automated incident context, so you can lower your mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) and stay well within your SLA and SLOs and keep your customers happy.

Don’t Just Observe Your Containers, Turn the Data Into Action

Integrate Prometheus Alertmanager with Moogsoft

Multiple charts, graphs, and queries into the health of your containers just won’t save you time and present the actionable data when you need it most. Send your Prometheus Alertmanager alerts to Moogsoft to perform deduplication, alert correlation with alerts from surrounding infrastructure and applications, and have a single source of aggregation and workflow. A simple approach to connect all your Prometheus servers to gain all the context about your containers in one place so you can fix issues faster.

Prometheus is a graduated CNCF open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, and efficient time-series database, used by SREs worldwide to collect, visualize and manually alert on static rules and thresholds. There’s a lot of value in the metric data you are collecting with Prometheus. But, it can be impossible to understand the context of issues, or what’s normal vs abnormal, when there’s valuable information in your logs and event data contained in other systems.

The Prometheus Alertmanager integration provides a pre-configured out-of-the-box integration so you can easily configure your Prometheus Alertmanager to send alerts to Moogsoft. The setup within Moogsoft is completed in three simple clicks with no need to configure anything, but of course, like everything Moogsoft provides, the configuration is there so you have full transparency and can make changes if you’d like to.

Spend Less Time on Administration & Maintenance

Landing Pages

Moogsoft documentation provides all the information you need right at your fingertips. The help and support are contextually aware when you select the ? in the top right corner.

Landing Pages provide you an overview of the feature; why it is important, what it does and how it can be configured to suit your needs. Not only is it intended to answer any questions your users might have about the features and configs but also, to save you administration time and to help you focus on the things that matter most - and that is innovating.

Moogsoft in the News

A summer to remember! Check out the recap for August & July here:

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Upcoming Events

We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming webinars and virtual events.

Moog 101: Product Demo Series — Starting Sept 8

Coffee Break Series - Observability in Action: Finale — Sept 9

LeadDev Live — Sept 14

The Road Ahead

The pending autumn might mean cooler temperatures and shorter days for much of the northern hemisphere, but not here at Moogsoft. We’re keeping the thermometer red hot with exciting updates, great feedback from the community, and loads of goodness to keep you vibing and developing more.

Our meticulous attention to user experience, our passion for our customers, and our vision to bring continuous service assurance to the software-defined world help us shape the future of Observability with AIOps as we deliver the features and functionality needed!

Stay tuned for updates on:

  • Who doesn’t love a good dashboard?!
  • SSO configuration for Okta via OIDC
  • An all-new Metrics UI
  • Some major Webhook enhancements
Moogsoft is the AI-driven observability leader that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps. Moogsoft delivers the most advanced cloud-native, self-service platform for software engineers, developers and operators to instantly see everything, know what’s wrong and fix things faster.

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