Monthly Moo Update | December 2021
Moogsoft Team | December 10, 2021


What a year 2021 has been for us all. We are extremely proud of the continuous innovation and delivery of new features and functionality we have provided throughout the year, all while maintaining enterprise scale and uptime that could win awards. We’ve heard success story after success story from our brilliant customers, each unique in their own way. We couldn’t have had the successful year we’ve had without you, and it’s been our honor to be part of your success. So, this December update is for you and a massive thank you. But, we of course are nowhere near finished with innovating and delivering value, so check out the new features and enhancements below!

New Features & Enhancements

  • Hello Open Source World! We’re Here to Help with turning your data into meaningful action using our Prometheus Remote Write endpoint to quickly perform anomaly detection and direct your attention to the services that need it most. Oh! And of course by leveraging the Moogsoft Collector (built on the framework) to seamlessly collect and transform your metric data
  • Spend Less Time on Administration and Get Answers Quickly using the in-app chat, connecting you to real Moogsoft people that are motivated to get you the answers you’re looking for so you can succeed, or use the resource center to see new announcements, updates, and guides around the product
  • Speed Up Your Incident Response and Collaboration by sharing pre-set views and frequently used queries, and keeping all your ticket and notification sources updated in real-time with Webhooks bidirectional sync capabilities

Hello Open Source World! We’re Here to Help

Prometheus Remote Write

Goodbye, static threshold rules generating alerts to send to your notification system, and hello, automated anomaly detection. Save time and effort to focus on what matters most in your day.

The Prometheus Remote Write endpoint is a dedicated endpoint that supports the Prometheus Protobuf format. You can send your Prometheus data to the endpoint for visualization, and anomaly detection.

There’s a lot of value in the metric data you are collecting. But, it can be hard to find meaningful data in your collection. Multiple charts, graphs, and queries just won’t save you time and present the actionable data when you need it most. Send your Prometheus data to the dedicated Prometheus Remote Write endpoint for automatic and adaptive thresholds that will generate anomalies, perform deduplication and alert correlation for you so you can focus on your customers’ experience and not attempting to predict unknowns.

Collector v2 (

Hello World Open Source Community!

Collect time-series metric data in seconds, and automatically, and in near real-time get anomaly detection on the automatically collected data. All with the lightweight Moogsoft Collector, built on the open-source collector framework.

Stop wasting time, energy, and resources managing multiple agents and endpoints that are collecting various data points and formats. The next time you talk to a monitoring or AIOps vendor and they tell you “sure we can do that” to only find out it is yet another lambda written that you can’t access, tell them no thanks, I'm going to use the Moogsoft Collector!

Collect, transform, and route all your metrics with the simple Moogsoft collector. In a future release, we’ll include logs and events to be the only tool you need to get observability data from A to Moogsoft!

Spend Less Time on Administration and Get Answers Quickly

Resource Center

Want to learn more about Moogsoft features during your trial, and how to use them, but on your own time while you’re in the product? Have you ever dismissed one of our announcements in Moogsoft because you needed to just get something done, but then wanted to go find it again but couldn’t?

With the new Resource Center, you’ll have a place to go inside the app where you can see relevant product walkthrough guides, checklists to guide you through learning new features, and updates about new features as they are launched! And, if you decide to stop a walkthrough before completing all the steps, you’ll be able to go back and start where you left off once you’re ready.


Can’t find an answer you need while you’re working in Moogsoft? Well, say hello to In-product chat!

Whether you’re working in Moogsoft to troubleshoot something or just exploring the app, you might need a hand figuring something out, and it’s important to have many ways to find the answers you need. In-product chat will allow you to reach out to Moogsoft directly from within the app itself, so you can ask any questions and get what you need, without spending a lot of time writing up an email, or searching through documentation.

If you have any questions or comments while working in or exploring Moogsoft, you’ll be able to click an icon in the left-nav of the product, and start a chat with us. A real person will get back to you with an answer, which you’ll receive both inside the product and via email, so you’ll be able to access your answer whether you’re still logged in or not.

Speed Up Your Incident Response and Collaboration

Webhook Enhancements

When investigating problems it is important to keep everyone up to date with a minimum of effort.

Moogsoft can now trigger outgoing webhook updates to keep the ecosystem synchronized with the latest alert or incident information. This enhancement also has a simpler user experience. There is an Input Assistant for new or infrequent users to build the payload sent on a Create or Update operation. Alternatively, you can quickly enter the JSON payload data directly. It has out-of-the-box support for ServiceNow and Zendesk, along with a User-Defined option to support other tools. Round trip validation is available to ensure that the integration works flawlessly and keeps all your other systems up to date.

Search & Filter Enhancements

When you have large amounts of data presented on a screen, it is critical to be able to search and filter results matching different conditions and or keywords.

Moogsoft now gives you the option to create or use preset filters and save a modified copy. You will now be presented with a list of filters available so you and your coworkers can collaborate easier. These filters can be used in combination to narrow the results down. You can also search keywords using the search bar while sharing the filters you save with everyone on your team. We’ve even added the most popular filters out of the box for you. Check out the ‘Open Incidents’ and ‘My Incidents’.

While user-defined tags and location can help identify useful correlation, they can also help you investigate incidents or alerts faster, so search keywords, filter the results, and save them so you can use them over and over again at the click of a button.

Moogsoft in the News
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Upcoming Events

We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming webinars and events.

Mooving to… On Prem to SaaS: Lift and Shift —Then We’re Done, Right? Tuesday, December 14th at 12pm PT | 3pm ET | 8pm GMT. Join Dave Mangot, author, speaker, and consultant, and Thom Duran, Director of SRE at Moogsoft on Twitch!

The Road Ahead

Here we are in the final month of 2021 and what a year it has been. But we’re certainly not done yet. We’ve got a ton of goodness around the corner to kick off the new year, so stay tuned to your monthly moo for more exciting updates.

Our passion for our customers and our vision to bring continuous service assurance to the software-defined world will continue strong in 2022, so see you there!

Stay tuned for updates:

  • SSO via OIDC
  • Insights Dashboards
  • Bidirectional Capabilities with Webhooks
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