Q&A from the Moogsoft/Datadog Fireside Chat
Moogsoft Team | April 29, 2021

A selection of questions and answers from our recent webinar on the exciting new synergistic partnership.

A selection of questions and answers from our recent webinar on the exciting new synergistic partnership.

On April 15th Moogsoft's VP Marketing, John Haley, welcomed Datadog Product Manager, Alex Vetras, along with DevOps Institute Chief Ambassador, Helen Beal, and Moogsoft's CTO, Dave Casper, for an informal roundtable exploring how users can now see rich-context incidents from across the full stack in minutes, and the opportunities this presents to organizations.

A large part of the conversation centered around the recent news of a formalized Moogsoft / Datadog integration now available through the Datadog Marketplace. This new integration lets IT Ops, DevOps, and SRE teams easily start ingesting events and metrics from Datadog into Moogsoft. 

It's a nice match. Datadog’s monitoring and security platform provides metrics, traces, logs, and more to provide observability for modern environments. This new integration allows SREs, IT Ops, and DevOps pros to instantly see context-rich Moogsoft-generated incidents from across the full stack in either platform, boosting service availability. Put simply, it slashes the time an SRE must spend sifting through data to get to the cause of a service outage.

Of course, you may review the entire program at your leisure here. For now, here are some key highlights as the panel fielded questions from the live audience.

Q & A

  1. What is the Datadog Marketplace and what are the main goals?
  2. What key monitoring trends is Helen seeing at present?
  3. Why use a Datadog and Moogsoft combination?
  4. How does the integration fit into and affect the DevOps toolchain?
  5. What does Moogsoft give the Datadog customer?
  6. Are events in Moogsoft enriched with CMDB data for incident management?
  7. How do SREs benefit from observability platforms?
  8. Can SMBs benefit from this technology?
  9. How do you trial Moogsoft in the Datadog Marketplace?
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