Coffee Break Webinar Series: "Intelligent Observability - What the Analysts Say"
Taylor Urban | July 15, 2021

A selection of questions and answers from our recent webinar on how to research the research to make a case for your AIOps investment

A selection of questions and answers from our recent webinar on how to research the research to make a case for your AIOps investment

We know commitment issues are the real deal, especially when it comes to significant and costly tech investments. Understanding how the market is performing and what’s up ahead is critical for investing in AIOps. Our crew is here to help you through the challenging decision-making days and offer up the best analyst guidance. DevOps Institute Chief Ambassador Helen Beal and Moogsoft Chief Evangelist Richard Whitehead joined forces to research the research on last week’s hour-long webinar.

With James’ help, Helen and Richard touch on areas backed by analyst research, including sustainable working practices, the cost of technical debt, how managing unplanned work frees innovation capacity, why being domain-agnostic is best, and how AIOps supports transformation to the cloud. All this research led James (and the future, you) to build an investment case to serve his team better.

For those of you new to our Coffee Break webinar series James is our fictional ITOps guy, who joins Helen and our guest speakers on a journey into the world of AI-driven Observability. You can check out our entire Observability in Action series here.

Below is a selection of the live Q&A from the “Intelligent Observability - What the Analysts Say” episode, and you can watch the complete webinar discussion on demand.

Q & A

  1. Would MLOps replace AIOps in the future?
  2. What is the process people go through when they implement AIOps technology? What's the end goal in terms of implementation? Can it be measured in the number of integrations or the number of teams using it? How would you know that somebody is doing well?
  3. Can AIOps generate value without CMDB and Network topology integrated?
  4. In the AIOps market, you have two main tendencies: AIOps domain-centric and AIOps domain-agnostic. Which one is better to deploy?

If you haven't already, please register for our 9th episode in the series. Intelligent Observability: Blamefree Retrospectives on Tuesday, August 3 at 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm BST

Moogsoft is the AI-driven observability leader that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps. Moogsoft delivers the most advanced cloud-native, self-service platform for software engineers, developers and operators to instantly see everything, know what’s wrong and fix things faster.

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