WTF Moments in DevOps

Moogsoft | Tuesday July 11 2017

Sometimes in DevOps, when things go terribly sideways, it can feel like a caricature of a cliche. In internet parlance: it's reached meme status.

WTF Moments in DevOps

Working in a DevOps-cultured organization entails collaboration, productivity, and agility. However, anyone who’s worked on the front line has likely faced adversity on the job and caught themselves saying, “WTF?!

To bring humor to those frustrating moments, the Moogsoft team has encapsulated several of those situations in memes for you to enjoy.

Have you experienced any WTF?! moments that we missed? Leave a comment below, or hit us up @moogsoft!

A successful release: ops vs. devops.Network application silos: network vs. devopsF**k it, just restart the servers.L1 operator pager at 3am.When you purchase a new monitoring tool.Customer help desk LOLOLWhen the CIO realizes the web sit is down.When you break something and it's totally your fault.Blamestorming.All-hands meeting.

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