What’s New In Moogsoft AIOps 7.0
Ciaran Byrne | October 9, 2018
The latest version of Moogsoft AIOps includes new algorithmic features, as well as data visualization, operator workflow, and integration upgrades.

Here at Moogsoft, as with modern IT operations, things move pretty quickly. Our mission is all about enabling agility for our customers and keeping up with the demands placed on IT Operations by increasingly dynamic networking environments, as well as the accelerated rate of change required by businesses.

Our quarterly Enterprise Stability Release schedule allows us to keep up with our customers’ business needs. We’re rolling out new features, responding to enhancement requests from users, and providing a stable and predictable environment in production.

As part of that process, we are proud to announce the Enterprise Stability Release of Moogsoft AIOps 7.0. Here is a list of release highlights and resources to help you learn more about the latest features.

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We’re rolling out new features, responding to enhancement requests from users, and providing a stable and predictable environment in production.

Vertex Entropy and Topology Visualization

Vertex Entropy Beta was launched in the 6.5 release and now Vertex Entropy is GA. A longtime algorithmic feature of Moogsoft AIOps, Entropy determines the significance of an alert, or how usual or unusual it is for that alert to occur. The result is the ability to better manage noise and focus on alerts that are most meaningful.

Vertex Entropy is a similar concept, but for a different use case. This algorithm analyzes nodes in a graph or topology and determines the significance of those nodes. That significance can then be used as an attribute for determining which nodes to cluster in conjunction with other topology-based attributes, such as the number of hops between nodes.

Topology Visualization enables viewing topology data in the context of a Situation. With this feature an operator is provided a graphical visualization illustrating severity of an IT outage, showing the relationships of the nodes within the Situation and also the relationships of the connected nodes to each other. If there is Probable Root Cause (PRC) or Vertex Entropy data, that information is also graphically displayed in a way to enable the operator to focus on the nodes that are causal or may have the greatest impact.

Cookbook Algorithm Update – ValueRecipe v2Cookbook is one of our most popular algorithms as it’s used for clustering alerts into Situations based on a number of factors, including natural language processing (NLP). As part of v7.0 there have been significant changes to how textual comparisons are performed. These changes provide greater flexibility and resiliency when comparing various types of text, such as descriptions or hostnames.Powerful New Enhancements

Teams Assignment – As part of the operator workflow, it’s often necessary to engage other teams. To enable this flexibility, Moogsoft AIOps now supports the addition or removal of teams either by the UI or API, which enables automation of workflow.

Team Based Dashboards – Managers or team members can now view team specific dashboards. There are two new dashboards available:

  • Team Ops: a team-based version of Global Ops dashboards which provides a high-level overview
  • Team Performance: provides insights into a team’s performance and workload

SAML Improvements – The improvements to the SAML configuration mean that attributes that are available in SAML (such as user email, team, or role) can now be mapped directly into Moogsoft AIOps. There are also new API endpoints to manage SAML programmatically.

Integrations – Enabling administrators and implementers to quickly integrate AIOps with well-known products and to increase the speed of deployment. New integrations for data ingestion include:

  • Datadog polling
  • ExtraHop
  • Azure Class and Azure Monitor
  • SevOne
  • Sumo Logic
  • Tivoli EIF

Documentation – We supply extensive online documentation for our software. You can browse all the documentation for AIOps 7.0, as well as previous versions of AIOps, from docs.moogsoft.com.

We hope you enjoy using Moogsoft AIOps 7.0 as much as we have enjoyed building the new features! If you have any comments or feedback, please send them our way.

Moogsoft is a pioneer and leading provider of AIOps solutions that help IT teams work faster and smarter. With patented AI analyzing billions of events daily across the world’s most complex IT environments, the Moogsoft AIOps platform helps the world’s top enterprises avoid outages, automate service assurance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

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Ciaran studied software engineering at university. He has been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years, with most of his professional life focusing on IT operations management. His last role at Yahoo! involved technology evaluation for IT Operations management systems as part of a multi-year transformation effort. He has been VP of Product Management at Moogsoft since 2014. In his spare time, he loves the outdoors, competes in triathlons and has competed in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii on 3 occasions.

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