[Webcast] Brownfield to Greenfield Ops: Frameworks for Management & Monitoring
Rachel Wolfson | October 19, 2015

Leading IT executives discuss the challenge of melding brown field (legacy) technology with green field Ops for IT.

Leading IT executives discuss the challenge of melding brown field (legacy) technology with green field Ops for IT.

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Digital enterprise initiatives are on the rise, and cloud computing has emerged as somewhat of an elixir for digital transformation. Embracing the cloud has become a priority for IT enterprise executives, yet significant frustrations are being faced as enterprises adopt a digital strategy. Leading IT decisions makers are still unsure about a variety of cloud computing capabilities such as: security and governance; availability and recovery; and SLAs and performance, all of which are preventing IT leaders from moving their apps to the cloud. Additionally, introducing Green Field Ops alongside Brownfield (legacy) technology has also become a great challenge for leading IT decision makers.

Despite these concerns, enterprises that want to get ahead of the curve are already taking the leap towards the cloud. As 2016 quickly approaches, the business cases for apps in the cloud will be hybrid, bimodal, multiplatform and complex. So how can enterprises successfully move to the cloud, while implementing Green Field operations with existing Brownfield technologies? What are the right moves for your business

This executive webcast answers these critical question and more, focusing on best practices for how enterprises can efficiently adopt cloud computing, while melding Green Field with Brownfield Ops. This webcast was moderated by former Moogsoft CMO Rob Markovich, and features a panel of leading IT executives:

Andy Brown – C-Level Enterprise Executive
Kalyan Kumar – CTO/SVP of HCL Technologies
Rich Plane – CTO – Cloud and ITO of Cisco System
Phil Tee – Co-Founder, CEO of Moogsoft

Click here to view this on-demand webinar.

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