Moogsoft Innovates and Grows, while Remaining Committed to Reducing IT Complexity
Juan Perez | October 31, 2019

Moogsoft founder and CEO, Phil Tee, speaking at this week's Moogsoft User Conference in Chicago, talks the state of his company and the state of securing and managing digital infrastructure.

Moogsoft founder and CEO, Phil Tee, speaking at this week's Moogsoft User Conference in Chicago, talks the state of his company and the state of securing and managing digital infrastructure.

It’s fitting that the inaugural Moogsoft User Conference kicked off on the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Internet, a fact that wasn’t lost on Moogsoft CEO Phil Tee. After all, as the industry’s AIOps pioneer and leader, Moogsoft reduces complexity in IT operations so organizations can prevent outages of their digital services.

Society’s critical dependency on digital services represents “an incredible opportunity and a very incredible risk,” Phil observed during his keynote, and stated that no other AIOps company is more committed than Moogsoft to helping businesses reap the digital world’s rewards and fend off its dangers.

“We’re trying to build, in your service, a new company that’ll transform and be the primary partner as you take forward your business past outages,” he told the more than 200 customers and partners gathered at the Swissotel in Chicago.

To illustrate his point about the dangers of system complexity, Phil brought up the infamous blackout of August 2003, which left multiple states in the U.S. northeast and in Ontario, Canada without electric power for as long as two weeks. That outage was triggered by a power surge that wasn’t detected because the complexity of the system couldn’t be properly monitored.

The chaos that power outage caused would be similar or worse if today we suffered a digital-service outage of similar proportions. It would affect everything, from transportation, food distribution, and defense to healthcare, public safety and business operations.

“Imagine if the compute utility failed in that same way today,” Phil pondered.

With the rise of technologies like cloud computing, containers, and IoT, IT environments are experiencing “a mushrooming of complexity,” he explained. They’re most distributed, ephemeral and interconnected than ever, leading to “phenomenally complex digital systems.”

The only way for organizations to deal with this worsening complexity is AIOps with its AI and ML algorithms, which Moogsoft makes comprehensive use of. “We touch pretty much every area of AI and ML,” Phil pointed out.

“Our mission is to make sure that we shorten the distance between innovation and your organizations to the minimum it possibly can be. It is my core belief that unless we bring this to the table, we will sink in our attempts to deal with that complexity,” he said.

One big way Moogsoft plans to continue that mission is with its new Moogsoft Express, a cloud-native product for DevOps and SRE teams in cloud-first organizations. Express will democratize AIOps by making accessible to these teams, and it also adds metrics collection and analysis to the Moogsoft AIOps platform and our Enterprise product.

“Our commitment to innovation is total,” he said. Significantly, Moogsoft Express also represents the start of a cloud pivot that Moogsoft will be taking over the course of the next year, and which will involve our Enterprise product as well.

From 2018 to this year, Moogsoft has grown its customer base from 86 to 120, increased its AI patents from 40 to 48, and increased its headcount from 179 to 231 and counting, while releasing five major upgrades of its platform and beefing up its executive staff.

Perhaps more significantly, Moogsoft has grown by 500% the number of SaaS accounts, and 145% the number of active users, a sign that Phil says shows the Moogsoft AIOps platform is becoming the de facto system of engagement for operations for many of our customers.

And speaking of customers, Moogsoft in the past year has welcomed as new customers more than 30 of what he described as a “who’s who of the Fortune 2000”, including Ikea, Merck, Uber, Abbvie, Geico and Telefonica.

“They’re placing their trust in Moogsoft to own their most important asset: their digital front end to their customer base.”

Looking at potential future endeavors for Moogsoft, Phil cited three areas: incident, predictive and security — and encouraged the customers and partners to provide feedback on whether they’d like to see Moogsoft move in any of those directions.

It’s a message that Moogsoft President and COO Amer Deeba also delivered in his remarks. “The focus of this conference is to be with our customers, our partners, and listen to your feedback, network, connect and learn from each other so we can make this technology better, bigger, more ubiquitous, and more democratized so it can be used by more and more people,” Amer said.

And what’s the ultimate destination for Moogsoft? Phil made that clear: “To the be the one place where people want to go to secure their digital infrastructure.”

“This company is more committed to making it right for the industry than any other player in this space. I need you to align with Moogsoft so we can deliver our collective future together.”

Moogsoft is a pioneer and leading provider of AIOps solutions that help IT teams work faster and smarter. With patented AI analyzing billions of events daily across the world’s most complex IT environments, the Moogsoft AIOps Platform helps the world’s top enterprises avoid outages, automate service assurance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.
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